Why Health Insurance Is Necessary

Why Health Insurance Is Necessary

No one intends to fall sick or get hurt, but it is glaring that, everyone will need medical care at a point in life. Health insurance can be the help you need when you fall sick or get hurt. Health insurance covers your medical bills and provides some other benefits. Many uninsured people receive less timely medical care and therefore have worse health outcomes. Here is some of the importance of health insurance;

• Health insurance protects you from any unexpected, high medical costs.

• It covers all essential health benefits critical to maintaining health, illness treatment and accidents. • You will pay less for the covered in-network health care, even before the deductibles are met.

• If your plan is marketplace or any other qualifying coverage, you won’t be paying penalty paid by people without coverage.

• Better access to the prescription drugs.

• You’ll enjoy more productive work life.

• Health insurance boosts your financial health and personal wealth.

The Big Deal About Health Insurance

People with health insurance enjoy better access to the prescription drugs, more preventive care, better health and are more productive at work. Unexpected can happen anytime, but when you have health insurance in place, you have nothing to worry about. If you are still in doubt about health insurance, think about the following;

• The average cost of going into the emergency room is $700 for an adult; hospitalization and test are not included. If you add both hospitalization and tests to the bill, it can be up to $1,000.

• A broken leg can cost a person up to $7,500.

• Childbirth average cost is around $8,800, and C-section delivery can cost up to $10,000.

• Hip replacement can cost you up to $32,000.

The above-listed points sound scary, but the good news is that health insurance can protect you from the hefty bills. Are you ready for the health insurance? Do you need affordable health insurance, Obama care, and free quotes? Below is a reputable company that can help you to get the best quote.