Why Do I Feel So Tired All The Time

Why Do I Feel So Tired All The Time. tiredness

Feeling tired all the time? If you often ask yourself, “Why do I feel so tired all the time?” You are not alone because many people often complain about the same problem. Unfortunately, not many people understand the exact reason for their tiredness.


Most people are walking around in an energy-deprived state and many of the people complaining of tiredness often attribute it to lack of enough sleep.


Gallup poll result showed that 40% of Americans get less than 7 hours of sleep on daily basis. The study published by the American Journal of Health Promotion also showed that those who received less than 6.5 hours of night sleep ended up with higher levels of body fat.


100 years ago, it was easy to get enough sleep because we didn’t have lights beaming at us at every angle and we didn’t have gadgets distracting us. Nowadays, we spend time on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, etc, which is one of the reasons we hardly get enough night sleep.


You know what you often do when you are on the bed: your eyes are always glued to your phone. When you are on the bed, you are either on Facebook or watching movies on Netflix. That is ridiculous! It is not healthy.


Aside from people that are not getting enough night sleep, many people that are getting 7 or more hours of night sleep also feel lethargic throughout the day. If you fall into this class of people that often ask, “Why do I feel so tired all the time?” there are things you should know.

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We know your body is not a stone, so tiredness is normal because we all experience it at some point in our lives. However, exhaustion or tiredness that goes on for a long time is abnormal. When it becomes abnormal, it can affect your health and quality of life.


Tiredness is a big problem

Tiredness is not only bad for your health; it can result in many problems. According to a CDC report, around 1 in 25 adult drivers fall asleep at the wheel each month. Isn’t that scary? It has also been reported that about 72,000 crashes and 44,000 injuries each year are caused by drowsy drivers. Of course, that did not include the estimated fatal crashes that are a result of drowsy drivers.


Why do I feel so tired all the time?

Often, you can understand why you feel so tired, but there are times it is hard to pinpoint the reason behind your tiredness. The most common cause of excessive tiredness is lack of enough night sleep. That can be corrected without any problem. But what if you are getting enough sleeping time and you still feel tired all the time? Here are the reasons.


#1. You are being too sedentary

If you are not living in NYC or other walkable city, chances are you are not going to get the recommended 10,000 daily steps. If you combine the office work with your computer dominated life, getting adequate movement into your day is difficult.


Of course, we all want to live a convenient life, but the sad aspect of convenient life is lack of recommended 10,000 daily steps. Spending too much time on the seat can cause back pain, soreness, chronic headaches and stiffness in the joint. These can decrease one’s quality of life.


Although it makes sense to work out a few times a week, the long hour you spend sitting can be devastating. You don’t need to increase the time you spend working out, rather, you need to add pattern breaks and small movements throughout your day.


Pattern breaks and small movements can help you create energy which will lead to cognitive boosts. You can start this by setting your alarm for a 10-minute standing break every hour. Stroll down the hall, stretch, go to your co-worker and tell a few jokes.


#2. Stress

Most people are too busy creating their dream business or climbing the ranks at their dream job. Unsurprisingly, most people sacrifice their sleep unintentionally in the process of chasing the ranks or profits. So they fail to manage their stress.


Stress can cause your stress hormones and your cortisol to rise to the abnormal levels. When this happens, it prevents you from getting quality night rest.


Yoga, meditating, tai chi, walk out and massage therapy can be the right solution to your stress. It also makes sense to disconnect from your phone.


#3. Poor quality of sleep

as an adult, you need 7 – 9 hours of night sleep per day. Stress can cause poor quality night sleep. Alcohol, staying up too late, adrenal fatigue, excessive light exposure and hormonal imbalances can cause poor quality of sleep.


It makes sense to cut-off caffeine in the afternoon, expose yourself to more sunlight earlier in the morning and stay off of your electronics for some time.


#4. Poor diet

If you are consuming a diet with high sugar or you love processed foods, it makes sense to stop it now. This alone can quickly improve your sleep.


If your diet is balanced already, yet feeling tired all the time, then you are likely to be suffering from some nutrient deficiency in your diet.


#5. Too much sleep

Just like too little sleep is bad, too much sleep is also bad. You need to fine-tune your body’s clock by figuring the time you need to get up in the morning. If you sleep too much, you will feel sleepy throughout the day and that can cause you to look really tired.

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Once you find the perfect internal sleep-clock for your body, stay consistent with it.


#6. Your lifestyle

We can attribute tiredness to lifestyle factors like bad diet or drinking too much alcohol. If you are the type that drinks alcohol in the evening, it may wake you in the middle of the night. And if you are a regular alcohol drinker, it can make you feel depressed and affect your sleep.


#7. Anemia

If you have anemia, it is either your body have abnormally low red blood cells or doesn’t have enough hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin gives color to the red blood cells and involved in carrying oxygen around the body. When you only have a few red blood cells or too little hemoglobin, your body will not get enough oxygen and you’ll be feeling weak or tired. In fact, you may have symptoms like shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness or pale skin.

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Even if you don’t have anemia, but iron deficient, you can experience fatigue. To know if you have anemia, visit your doctor for a test.


#8. Heart disease

Heart disease can cause you to feel tired all the time. When you have heart failure, the heart is less effective in circulating blood to every part of the body. This can make your regular daily activities difficult.


Other symptoms of heart disease include dizziness, shortness of breath, fainting, palpitations and chest pain. The most important thing is to visit your doctor and get tested to know what to treat.


#9. Hepatitis

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. The liver is one of the most important organs in the body. It breaks down toxins to manufacture proteins that control blood clotting. When the liver is inflamed, it can cause an important process to slow down or stop.


The inflamed liver can cause you to feel tired all the time. You can also experience symptoms like jaundice, nausea, abdominal pain and dark-yellow urine.


#10. Medication

Fatigue can be a side effect of medications.


You see why you feel so tired all the time?


It may be common to feel tired all the time, but it is not normal. If you have been feeling tired all the time and the symptom seems not going away, the best thing is to visit your doctor for a test.  But you can also:

  • Sleep early
  • Exercise
  • Drink plenty water
  • Do yoga
  • Take omega-3 oil
  • Keep time with your body clock
  • Shed some pounds

Lack of quality sleep is mainly the cause of tiredness, so make sure you are getting enough sleep. But remember to visit your doctor to get to the root of your tiredness.

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