The best ways to combat fatigue

Being tired all the time is a sign of fatigue. Most times you feel chronically tired – physically and mentally. Fatigue can be caused by many factors such as workplace problems, stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

There are several ways you can boost your energy and stop feeling tired all the time. But hold on a bit; ensure you see your health practitioner to confirm you don’t have any underlying medical problem.

How you can combat fatigue (tiredness)

As I said, there are different ways you can tackle fatigue. I have compiled the best ways to help you get over fatigue, and I’ll be explaining them one after the other.

Dietary suggestions to combat fatigue

To get more energy, you need to look at your diet and ensure you are following basic guidelines:

  • Drink more water. If your body is dehydrated, it will function less efficiently.
  • Eat breakfast. Food gives your body energy to burn and boosts your metabolism. Your brain relies on glucose for fuel, so you need to eat carbohydrate-rich breakfast like whole grain bread or cereals.
  • Be careful with drinks containing caffeine. One or two caffeinated drinks a day such as a cola, tea and coffee can boost your mental alertness and energy. But if you take more than six caffeinated drinks a day, it may result in you being irritable, anxious, and can negatively affect your performance.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Increase the amount of vegetable, fruit, lean meat, low-fat dairy products and whole grain foods in your diet. Also reduce the amount of high sugar, high salt and high-fat
  • Don’t crash diet.
  • Don’t skip meals. Going out without a meal for too long may allow your blood sugar to dip. So, maintain your energy level by eating regularly.
  • Don’t overeat. Big meals can quickly drain your energy. So try to eat like 6 mini-meal per day instead of eating 3 big meals per day. This will help you spread your calorie intake evenly. And if you are eating this way, it can help you lose excess fat easily.
  • Eat foods rich in iron. Women are especially prone to anaemia (iron deficiency), so make sure you have iron-rich foods like lean red meat in your diet.

Sleep suggestions to combat fatigue                                   

One of the common causes of fatigue is lack of enough sleep. So if you want to fight fatigue, you need to find better ways to sleep your way to good health. Here are the suggestions:

  • Get enough sleep. As an adult, you need about 8 hours of sleep per night.
  • Learn how to relax. Doing other things like chatting on an app while in bed is a common cause of insomnia. Try different relaxation methods until you find the one that works; for instance, you could focus on your breathing or repeat a phrase or mantra.
  • Limit caffeine. If you are taking too much caffeine, especially in the evening, you can have insomnia. So take lesser than 5 caffeinated drinks per day and make sure you avoid caffeinated drinks after dinner.
  • Avoid watching TV or reading in bed.
  • Avoid sleeping pills. These types of pills don’t address the root cause of insomnia, so find better ways to sleep.

If you are planning to stop your fatigue, ensure you try the above suggestions. In addition, you need to quit smoking if you are the type that smokes and seek treatment for substance abuse. Also, limit the time you sit down and increase your physical activities.

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