The best and easiest ways to speed up your metabolism

Have you ever wondered why your colleagues can eat those foods without gaining a pound and if you do, the result is not the same?  The answer is your metabolism. Metabolism is that little engine that burns calories in you all day, every day.  Some people burn fat faster than other; that is because of their genetics. But, diet, age, exercise habits and weight also play a role.

Most people feel metabolism is out of their control, but I want to tell you it is not true. There is no reason you can’t enjoy the same fast metabolism you enjoyed in your 20s in your 30s and 40s. There are easy ways to stoke your fat-burning potential.

Have you ever wondered why your colleagues can eat those foods without gaining a pound and if you do, the result is not the same?  The answer is your metabolism.

The higher your metabolism is, the more calories you burn and the easier it becomes for you to lose weight. A high metabolism can also give you the energy needed to feel better.

Here are the best and easiest ways to increase your metabolism.

#1. Eat plenty protein at every meal

Eating more protein can increase your metabolism. Protein increases your metabolic rate by 15 to 30%, compared to 0 to 3% for fats and 5 to 10% for carbs.

Research has shown that eating protein can help you prevent overeating. A small study revealed that people are likely to eat about 441 fewer calories per day if protein made 30 percent of their diet.

Consuming more protein can also help you reduce the drop in metabolism associated with losing fat. This is possible because it helps you to prevent muscle loss, a common side effect of dieting.

#2. Do a high-intensity workout

HIIT (High-intensity interval training) involves fast and very intense bursts of activity. This will help you increase your metabolic rate and burn more fat, even after you have finished your workout.

This effect is believed to be good for HIIT than other types of exercise. HIIT has also been found to help you burn fat. A study in overweight young men discovered that 12 weeks of high-intensity exercise reduced fat mass by 2kg (4.4 lbs) and belly fat by 17%.

So, mix up your exercise routine and add a few high-intensity workout to boost your metabolic rate and burn fat.

#3. Drink more cold water

Those who drink water and not sugary drinks are always successful at losing weight and keeping weight off. This is true because sugar has calories, so if you can replace them with water, you will automatically reduce your calorie intake.

Another useful thing about water is that it can temporarily help you speed up your metabolism. Researchers have shown that drinking 0.5 litres of water increases resting metabolism by 10 to 30 percent for about one hour.

Your calorie-burning effect may even be greater if you drink cold water because your body will use energy to heat the water up to body temperature.

If you drink water, it can help fill you up so that you won’t have to take more calories. Studies have shown that those who drink water one hour before eating will eat less. A study carried out with overweight adults discovered that those who drank a ½ litre of water before a meal lost 44 percent more weight than those who didn’t.

#4. Stand up more

Sitting too much is not good for your health. In fact, some health commentators have tagged it “the new smoking.” This is true because you will burn fewer calories sitting and it can lead to weight gain.

An afternoon of standing compared to sitting can help you burn an extra 174 calories. If you do a desk job, try always to break the length you spend sitting down by standing up for short periods. You can also purchase a standing desk.

#5. Lift heavy things

Building your muscle can help you increase your metabolism because muscle is metabolically active than fat. This means even at rest, you will burn more calories each day.

Weight lifting can also help you to retain muscle and fight drop in metabolism that can occur during weight loss.

In a study carried out with 48 overweight women. They were placed on 800 calories per day diet, along with either no exercise, resistant training or aerobic exercise.

At the end of the diet, the women who did resistance training maintained their muscle mass, strength and metabolism. The others lost weight, but also lost muscle mass and experience decrease in metabolism.

So weight lifting is necessary to build and retain your muscle. And the higher amount of muscle means a higher metabolism.

#6. Get a good night sleep

Lack of sleep has been linked to the major issue that increases the risk of obesity. This may be because sleep deprivation has effects on metabolism.

In fact, lack of sleep has also been linked with insulin resistance and increased blood sugar levels, which are both linked to risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Lack of sleep also boosts the hunger hormone ghrelin and also decrease fullness hormone leptin. This is why people who are sleep deprived feel hungry and find it difficult to lose weight.

The bottom line here is that lack of sleep can reduce the amount of calories you burn, so you need to find the best ways to sleep your way to a great health.

#7. Drink Oolong tea and Green tea

Oolong tea and green tea have been discovered to increase metabolism by 4 to 5%. These teas help you convert some of the fat in your body into free fatty acids. This might increase fat burning by 10 to 17%.

These teas are low in calories, so drinking them may be perfect for both weight maintenance and weight loss. But some studies have found that these teas don’t affect metabolism. So, their effect may be minimal or only apply to some people.

#8. Use coconut oil instead of cooking fats

Coconut oil, unlike other saturated fats, contains medium-chain fats. More than long-chain fats in the foods like butter, medium-chain fats can help increase metabolism.

A study carried out by researchers discovered that medium-chain fats increased metabolism by 12 percent, compared to long-chain’s 4 percent.

It is good to replace other cooking fats with coconut oil because of its unique fatty acid profile and its modest weight loss benefits.


Making some changes to your lifestyle by incorporating some of the above tips into your routine can help you to increase your metabolism.

With a higher metabolism, you can lose weight more quickly and keep it off.

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