The 6 common fitness mistakes people make

The 6 common fitness mistakes people make

Most times we fail to get the results we want because of the common fitness mistakes we make. We all make fitness mistakes – even in every aspect of life. The fitness mistakes we make can deprive us the progress we were hoping for and may even lead us to become discouraged with our routines.


That is why it is necessary to correct our mistakes. In this article, I will show you the most common missteps people make when it comes to fitness. In fact, I am also guilty of some of them.


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The common fitness mistakes people make

Here are the most common fitness mistakes we all make:


1. Doing too much cardio

Of course, I love cardio so I am also guilty of this. Cardio is good but you can have too much of good thing. When you have too much cardio, it can cause your body to cannibalize its lean muscle tissues.


So how much cardio do you truly need?


The recommendations suggest 150 minutes of moderate intensity a week. That means 30 minutes of moderate intensity, 5 days per week. The number can be less if you are doing more intense training such as Tabata or HIIT.


Focusing on quality rather than quantity is important. It is more beneficial to challenge yourself for a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes than putter along an hour. (Except you are training for a race or endurance event).


2. Not following a plan

If you work out mainly for health benefits, it is nice to go with the flow and focus on what you are doing each day. However, if you have specific fitness, training or weight loss goals, it is necessary to have a strategic plan in place and follow it.


3. Doing too little strength training

We all need strength training and it is especially necessary for women as they age to protect their bones and preserve lean muscle tissue.


Your lean muscles tissue is hungrier than fat, so it’ll burn more calories at rest. When you increase the amount of lean tissue in your body, your body will increase your metabolism.


Try to aim at strength training 2 to 3 times a week. Try and fully fatigue each muscle group twice a week. This can be by heavy weights, endurance activities or compound exercises which gave you more bang for your buck by recruiting multiple groups at once.


4. Not fueling properly

This may really be something big, but you will realize it is simple when you switch up your nutrition. Once you do, you will finally hit your fitness goals. It is important to have enough nutrients in your body to not only fuel your activities but to also encourage tissue repair and recovery.


Take protein first and afterward more protein and carbs. For cardio, it should be simple carb first (e.g. half a banana) or do your cardio on an empty stomach, followed by carbs, protein and a little healthy fat. You can also contact a registered dietician for the best way to fuel for your activities.


5. Forcing yourself to do a workout or exercise you hate

Many people have been forcing themselves to do exercises they hate. Sometimes, they even suffer knee injuries while doing the dreaded runs. It is simple: if you hate something, don’t do it! We have several types of workouts out there. You will surely find the one you love.


You can join classes, try different instructors and apps to discover the right exercise for you. You have no reason to adopt a fitness routine you hate or don’t enjoy. When you love what you do, you will feel excited while working out, work harder, stay consistent and get results.


6. Not increasing demands/switching things up

If you really want to have an effective fitness routine, you should consider a specific adaptation to impose demand (SAID) principle. Your body is intelligent and will kick into cruise control when possible.


Try adding stressors whenever possible, whether it is adding speed, increasing weight or resistance, changing the time of the day you workout or changing up classes you take.


For instance, you can use a cable machine, resistance band, TRX, dumbbells, kettlebells to change things up, and your body will respond. Try anything that can keep your body guessing.


The bottom line

We often make fitness mistakes, which is why we don’t usually get the result we want. Try to make amend and you will begin to see results.

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