The 4 most effective fever remedies

the most effective fever remedies

Is your forehead feeling warm? Are you scared fever will weigh you down completely? Don’t let a low fever frighten you. Feeling feverish can be a good sign that your immune system is working effectively.


Fever is a sign showing that your body immune system is fighting an infection and some over-the-counter medicines may help you force your temperature back to normal. But instead of taking medicine, which will force your temperature back to normal, why don’t you try a natural fever remedy?


The natural fever remedies can gently soothe your fever. This way, your immune system will be able to do its work the way it is designed to do it.



When can you consider a fever to be serious?

In a simple term, a fever is a natural defense mechanism, often triggered by infections. The rise in body temperature triggers a number of processes in the body to destroy germs and bacteria that will make you sick. That is why it is vital not to suppress a fever.


A fever below 1030F is not serious in adult since normal body temperature is around 98.60F. so it shouldn’t be a cause for concern if your body temperature increases by 1 to 5 degrees.


However, a slight increase in infants below the age of 3 months could mean trouble. Be sure to take your baby to a doctor immediately, especially if the temperature is above 100.40F.


The 4 most effective fever remedies

If you really want to kick out fever faster, here are the 4 most effective fever remedies:

Breakfast is the most important meal no one should miss, but it can sometimes get a little boring and repetitive if you don’t have ginger.

#1. Ginger

Ginger is one of the most useful plants. In fact, you can use ginger to spice up your breakfast. Ginger has antibacterial properties, which makes it effective against cough, fever and other common symptoms. You can make a ginger-based tea at home by using sliced ginger root or get a ginger-based tea in a store.

the most effective fever remedies echinacea tea


#2. Echinacea

Echinacea is a powerful herb that has been around for centuries. Studies suggest that sipping an Echinacea-based tea when you first begin to feel feverish can help you boost your immune system to fight and get rid of infections faster.


If you’d like to try Echinacea tea, you can check any of the health food stores or get it on Amazon.


the most effective fever remedies sleep more


#3. Get more sleep

If you have a mild fever, it is best to get a lot of rest. When you have a fever, your body is telling you it is working hard to keep you from getting sicker. That is why you should give your body the much-needed energy and time to fight off the incoming germs. So sleep more!


the most effective fever remedies drink more water

#4. Drink more fluids

Just like you need more fluid to combat flu, you need to drink lots of fluid to help your body regulate temperature, flush out germs and help your body function properly. If you have a low fever, drink a lot of water and possibly other fluids to help your body regulate the temperature.


The bottom line

A high fever can really be a serious issue. If you have a high fever, you might want to see a doctor. But when you have a low-grade fever, which is your body’s way of fighting infections and healing itself, you can try the above 4 effective fever remedies.


Taking on-the-counter medicine for a low fever will only suppress your body natural healing process, which is why you need to consider alternative remedies instead of on-the-counter medicines.

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