MyZone MZ-3 Review

myzone mz-3 review

MyZone MZ-3 is a wearable heart-rate monitor (fitness tracker) that analyzes your potentials based on your heart rate and helps you create a bespoke target. MyZone offers accurate measurement to help you monitor not only your exercise but also track your improvement in fitness.


We are not all at the same fitness level, so we can’t compare an Olympic rower effort with someone who has never set foot on a set of oars. MyZone MZ-3 is a heart rate monitor tracker worn around the chest. It rewards you based on your personalized effort levels, which is why it is a solid choice for both fitness newbies and seasoned pros.


MyZone MZ-3 design and setup

MyZone looks like other chest-worn heart rate monitors (HRM), but because these types of devices are worn around the chest under clothing, they don’t receive radical design treatment.


MZ-3 has a red elasticated band it is clipped into. Just like other HMRs, you can easily detach the monitor and wash the band when you feel it is dirty. There is also space for you to write your name so yours don’t mix with other people’s tracker. This tracker’s band is size-adjustable so you can easily hook it into place, as the sensor is designed to sit across the sternum.


myzone mz-3 review


When you wear MZ-3 while running, you will know you are wearing it, but it always stays where you place it. However, if you are involved in free weights and resistance training, the band may occasionally slide down, which means you will have to readjust it when it slides down.


The sensor is easy to fix; with just two snap fasteners, you can fix it to the band. But the snap fasteners can be difficult to attach if you are wearing a base layer. You can solve this by training yourself to grab the elastic instead of the sensor when you are attaching the monitor to the band.


myzone mz-3 review


One of the best things about the HMR is that its battery life is around seven months, so you don’t need to charge it often. And when there is need to charge it, you can do that easily.


MyZone MZ-3 tracking and MyZone MZ-3 app

The sensors are located at the back of the chest strap. The MyZone MZ-3 will only turn on when there is skin contact across the sensor. That is why it’s battery last longer; when it is not worn, it doesn’t drain the battery. When the monitor is on, you will get a single beep and when it turns off, you get three beeps.


However, it may be difficult to know when it is on or off in a noisy environment such as outdoors or a gym changing room. So when you wear it in a noisy environment, you may need to check if it is on or off. You can first hold it in your hand to ensure you hear the beep because it has no visual indicator to show it is on or off.


A visual indicator will be welcomed, especially something like a small LED like it shows when its battery is being charged.


The MZ-3 tracks your heart rate compares it against your measured maximum heart rate and assigns you MyZone Effort Points (MEPs), which are based on your percentage heart rate zone. It means that the longer and harder you push yourself, the more MEPs it will assign to you.


If you have family or a friend(s) using MZ-3, you can follow them, comment or like their activities, which I think is a good motivator. If you are using MyZone MZ-3 in a participating fitness club or gym, you can see everyone’s live data on your screen and see how you compare. This will motivate you not to slack.


Using the MZ-3 app Effort Stream, you can also get live data on your tablet or smartphone. A live tile interface provides you with at-a-glance information which is used for your live effort levels and heart rate, as well as track your recovery.


This device is handy for weight trainers, as it guides them to know the best time to prepare for the next set. MZ-3 tracks your heart rate, rather than your steps or movement, so it can be worn on any spot. In fact, you can swim with it because it is waterproof up to 50m.


The sensor works with other apps aside from its app. It works with the like of MapMyFitness or Strava, so you can send your heart rate data to them to go alongside the GPS when you’re cycling or running. The MZ-3 will send relevant MEPs to its own app simultaneously because it has built-in storage, so you don’t necessarily need to pair it with a device when you are working out.


MyZone heart rate monitoring accuracy is 99.4 percent. Compared to other chest-worn heart rate sensors, the readouts are precise. Whether it is HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) or you are slowly building up one-rep maximum deadlifts, its peaks and trough are spot on.


The MyZone MZ-3 app also allows you to create groups, networks and uploads your workout photos on Instagram. It also has a good summary and breakdown of user’s overall effort such as easy-to-interpret pie chart of your intensity. The breakdown will also show you a clearer picture of your training, including calories burned, peak heart-rate, duration, MEPs earned and average-heart rate.


MyZone MZ-3 specifications

  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Calorie Burn
  • Real-time feedback
  • Bluetooth
  • Personalized results
  • Android/iOS app
  • Connects with third-party apps
  • Compatible with Android Wear, Apple Watch and selected GPS wearables



  • Accurate heart rate readings
  • Long life battery life
  • Multi-sports versatility
  • Live display of data
  • 4% accurate to an EKG/ECG
  • Washable strap
  • Water resistant


  • Can be uncomfortable
  • No signs of a turn on aside from the beep, which you may not hear when in a noisy area
  • App pairing can be spotty


Should I buy the MyZone MZ-3?

If you really want to get motivated to workout and a push to exercise more, MZ-3 is the right heart rate monitoring device for you. In fact, if you want to train more intelligently, the device and its app will motivate you.


The MyZone is now popular in fitness centers. If you are considering a fitness center or gym that uses it in its classes, that is an excellent selling point because the classes will be more engaging and fun with this device.


Bottom line

The MyZone MZ-3 takes your heart rate data and uses it to make fitness fun for you. If you are really looking for something to motivate you to workout consistently, despite your busy schedule, owning the MZ-3 will help.


If you want to make your workout fun and cross bridges you can’t normally cross on your own, this device will motivate you. You can get it on Amazon now.

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