Most Effective Lower Back Pain Treatment at Home

Most Effective Lower Back Pain Treatment at Home

Looking for the most effective lower back pain treatment at home? It is estimated that about 80% of adult experience symptoms of lower back pain at a certain point in their lives.


Given the high lower back pain prevalence rate, whether as a result of sciatic nerve pain, weak muscle or other causes, it is not a surprise that lower back pain has been identified as the leading cause of disability in the world. Naturally, this is why several people keep searching for lower back pain relief products.


Depending on the underlying causes, lower back pain can either be severe or mild. The state of a person’s health and the time it has been left untreated determines its severity.


According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, some of the risk factors for lower back issues include being overweight, using tobacco or smoking, family history of back pain, being depressed and anxious, being female, and either living a sedentary lifestyle or doing too much physical work.


Posture is also one of the basic reasons several people have low back pain. Postural issues, including inactivity or muscular compensation, as well as a spinal abnormality, can put more pressure on the back.


People of different ages experience back pain – including people who are sedentary and athletes, middle-aged and older adults are most likely to suffer severe symptoms. But what is the most effective lower back pain treatment at home?


The most effective lower back pain treatment at home

Here is how to cure back pain:

  1. Give your back a break
  2. Rethink your mattress
  3. Focus on your feet
  4. Keep moving
  5. Release your inner endorphins
  6. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet high in collagen
  7. Lie in wait
  8. Use an authentic back brace

1. Give your back a break

Yes, give your back a break!  This is a word of advice to those experiencing lower back pain. People who are not after extreme treatment seem to have fewer complications than those rushing into epidural injections, x-ray, spine surgery, MRI’s and narcotics before it becomes necessary.


According to research, up to 90% of back-pain is resolved within 6 weeks. So try to give your back a break and see how it can help.


2. Rethink your mattress

According to several studies carried out over the years, there is a suggestion that people experiencing lower back pain but sleep on medium-firm mattress do well than those sleeping on firm beds.


So if your mattress is already sagging or you have been using it for as many as 6 to 8 years, you should consider buying a new one for an instant back pain relief.


Most Effective Lower Back Pain Treatment at Home

3. Focus on your feet

Several back problems start from our foot. According to a study, women with pronation might be susceptible to lower back pain. Another study shows that orthotic means of correction may help relieve low back pain. So focus on your feet for instant back pain relief.


Most Effective Lower Back Pain Treatment at Home

4. Keep moving

Because our spines are like other parts of our body, they are also supposed to be moving. This means you should continue your daily activities. Walk your dog, go to work (if your work does not require too much energy) and make your bed.


Once you begin to feel better, consider regular exercise like walking, bicycling and swimming, but don’t overdo it. You don’t need to run a marathon when you have lower back pain.


5. Release your inner endorphins

Your endorphins are hormones that are naturally made in the body. But many people don’t know that endorphins can be as strong as the pain medication. When endorphins are released, they can help you block any pain signal.


In fact, endorphins can also alleviate depression, stress and anxiety, which are all associated with lower back pain and can make it worse.

To release your endorphins, you can try the following:

6. Lie in wait

Get a weekly massage. According to a study, it has been found that people who go for a weekly massage had less low back pain after 10 weeks. Chiropractic and osteopathic therapies in which the muscles and joints get stretched have also been shown to work.


Most Effective Lower Back Pain Treatment at Home

7. Eat anti-inflammatory diets high in collagen

To improve your overall muscular and joint health, you need to maintain healthy body weight, prevent the return of back pain in the future, consume a healthy diet, healing diet and lower inflammatory.


Adjust your diet by eating the following anti-aging, unprocessed, anti-inflammatory foods in order to help you lower back pain relief:


8. Use authentic back braces

Another effective method of treating lower back pain is to use a high-quality back brace. There is a back brace for men and back brace for women; using them will help you alleviate lower back pain effectively. With Zero Compression Back Braces, you are sure of a great relieve.


The back brace can be worn under your clothes all day long without anybody noticing you wear something under your clothes. The back brace will never put pressure on your spine and you won’t know it is even there.


The bottom line

Back pain can make you look miserable that is why you need to treat back pain as soon as you start experiencing it. With the solutions above, you can still enjoy your spine. Try the above treatments and relieve your back pain.

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