Why married women cheat? How to Stop Them

harder erection why women cheat in marriage

One interesting fact that showed that a lot of women are cheating is that, since 1990, the statistics continue to show an upward trend as the number of women who reported they have been unfaithful to their husband has increased by 40%. Scary you say?

Although men are also cheating, the rate among men has remained the same over the years. The question is, why are they cheating?

Warning: If you are a female, stop reading now because what I am about to reveal may hurt you. I mean it! Stop reading now!

Do you know why the statistics of women that are cheating in marriage is increasing every year? It is actually not their fault, it is men’s fault! You ask why? I think you should know the reason why men are the reason women are cheating by now but if you don’t know. I will tell you.

Have you as a family man also been faithful? That’s not even why men are the cause of women unfaithfulness. Have you been satisfying her on the bed? Let’s face it, the major reason for marriage is sex. You might be giving her sex but you are not satisfying her.

I mean it. If you have been ejaculating too quick or you have a small dick, you are pushing your wife out to another man who can satisfy her sexual urge. So what should you do?

My Wife was also Cheating Until I found the Lasting Solution

The penis is the most temperamental part of a man’s body. It can be over excited most times and the problem is that it may not be really there for you when you need it most. If you know your penis is not likely to hit the grand slam, you are not alone because I was also once there until I found this.

harder erection why women cheat in marriage

According to a study published in the American Journal of Medicine, 85% of men between 20 and 39 years of age say they always or almost can get can get and maintain an erection, which means 15% of men in their prime have a tough time getting hard at least occasionally.

Though it’s been hard to predict your penis, there is something you can use that will always guarantee a bigger, harder erection and help you to perform at the best level ever. I bet, your wife will never have to look for any other man to satisfy her sexual urge.

So if you want to raise the bar and stop your partner from cheating on you, here is what you need.


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