How To Lose Weight Safely

How To Lose Weight Safely
Lose weight

To lose weight in a healthy and safe way is neither burst of exercise nor crash diets. The human body always likes slow changes when it comes to exercise and food. For instance, a person who has not exercised for months or years should not rush into jogging a long distance in just a day. The struggle will not only be hard but may also cause an injury and set back to your fitness goal. It is the same with those starving themselves to lose weight.

If you should not rush things, what should you do to lose weight?

Weight loss and energy needs

The body gets its energy from the food you eat, but when the food is eating in excess than the body needs, the body will store the excess energy as fat. When the excess energy is stored as fat, you will gain more weight. The interpretation is that, eating more than your body needs daily will cause you to gain weight. So, to lose weight, the body must use up the fat stored. To get your body to use up the stored fat, you need to;

  • Limit the amount of your calorie intake
  • Increase your activity levels

Let the change start gradually

Begin to make the difference by being careful about what you eat. A little change can make a huge difference. For instance, an extra snack a week can make you gain 5lb in a year- if you cut that extra snack, you will lose that same amount you can gain.

If you want to lose weight, you should view it as changing your eating habit permanently. Don’t rush; because weight-loss goals are usually set to be achieved in weeks, but it is about life changing. You need to change your lifestyle permanently.

Raise your activity levels

If you can increase the amount of your exercise and maintain eating moderately, you will surely lose weight. Even if it is a light exercise like 20 minutes workout, it will help you lose weight if you can do it most days of the week. So, whenever you exercise your body more than usual, you burn both fat and calories. There are many ways to raise your activity levels; walking, running, swimming, cycling, aerobic classes, team sports, etc. are some good exercise you can start.

The important thing is to find the exercise you enjoy and easy for you based on your location and the cost. Incorporate it into your daily routine and continue to do it despite the fact that you may miss some odd session. Get out during the weekend and exercise more. You can leave your car on the drive and walk to the store where you want to shop. Instead of lift, use the stair. While enjoying your favorite TV program, you can ride on the exercise bicycle in your living room.

Reduce your calories intake

BMI is used to assess the weight; when it is between 18.5 and 25, it is healthy, but when it is above 30, you are obese. Above 40 is called morbidity obese.
If you want to calculate your BMI, you need to know the kilo you weigh and your height in meters. See sample below;

  • Multiply your height by itself. Example: 1.5×1.5=2.25
  • Divide your weight by the above figure. Example 65kg/2.25= 28.9
    Your BMI is 28.9.

If you want to lose weight, you need to change your eating habit. Reducing body fat is difficult when you still take much food, sweets, and cakes. It doesn’t mean you should not have a treat, but you should eat it occasionally. Eating less and making healthy food choices will help you lose weight. You can help your body to use up the actual fat stored by eating less and making your food a healthier choice.

This does not means crashing of diet; you need nothing lesser than 1500 calories a day so that you don’t get weak and give up on weight loss. A quick fix may lead to drastic weight loss which may be followed by weight gain; that is a vicious cycle.

If you can eat between 300 and 500 calories less a day, you should lose weight up to between a pound and two. This type of target is realistic as you can help you lose weight up to 3 stone a year. Fat has most calories in its content than foods like carbohydrate and protein; therefore, it will be wise to cut down on fatty foods if you want to lose weight. Eat more fruits, vegetables and wholegrain bread.

Check out the following ways of reducing your calorie intake without significantly altering your diet;

  • Replace whole milk with semi- skimmed milk.
  • Swap the fruit cordial and fizzy drinks with water.
  • Eat the food you enjoy in smaller portions.
  • Eat lesser than usual during lunch.
  • Stop eating unhealthy treats.
  • Reduce alcohol intake.
  • Stop taking sugar in coffee and tea.

If you can take the above mentioned ways of reducing your calorie intake into consideration, it will undoubtedly influence your health positively. However, don’t skip your breakfast or other meal in the name of losing weight because doing so will make you much hungrier. Being hungrier may tempt you to overeat later in order to compensate your stomach which can lead to gaining of more weight. Irregular eating habit can also disrupt the metabolism of your body and make losing weight harder.

Put your weight loss plan in black and white.

  • If you can’t figure out what is wrong with your diet, keeping a daily diary of your consumption will help
  • You can either use an online diary or a notebook
  • Review your consumption at the end of every week to know where the problem is.
  • Review the amount of processed foods, roasts, fried foods, alcohol, fast food and creamy sauces.
  • Look at your food portion sizes if your diet seems largely healthy.

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When you decide on the changes you wish to make, write the changes down. For instance;

  • Exercise: Twenty minutes walk every lunchtime.
  • Food: no more biscuits and chocolate in the week; make healthy snacks like fruit your choice, eat no fast food or fried food and cut all fat from meat.
  • Alcohol: no alcohol this week; 2 glasses of wine on Friday and Saturday.
  • Let each day be listed in one simple chart according to your plan.

Eat healthy vegetables to speed up fat loss

weight loss vegetables

If you have been dieting for some time now and you wish to eat more and still lose fat, then you can try eating healthy green vegetables. Not everybody likes to consume large quantities of green vegetables but eating them as smoothies is quite simple.

Green vegetables has a lot of benefits including low sugar and calorie, fiber, proteins, minerals and vitamins that can help you drop some weight.

These are the best green vegetables for weight loss, try them out and see how well they work.

Take it cool with yourself

It might be up to a week or two before you start to notice any change, but there certainly will be changes. After one month, you’ll be able to see the result of your effort, and you can measure them with looser fitting clothes. Keep yourself motivated to lose more weight by not relenting. There may be some days when eating healthy will go out of the window, and there may be one week when you will not lose weight, don’t be dejected.

The health benefits of weight loss

Research has shown that, when an overweight woman loses between 10lb & 20lb, the risk of developing diabetes is halved. For men, heart problems will be reduced considerably.

We all gain weight as we age. When you gain few pounds over the year, it is not an issue, but when you gain more than 20lb more than when you were 18, there is the risk of health problems. Women can increase the heart attack risk and even double cancer risk.

It may be a long way to go when you want to lose weight, but you will have fewer health worries when you keep your weight in the healthy range.

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