How to Properly Detoxify Your Body of Toxins

How to Properly Detoxify Your Body of Toxins
How to Properly Detoxify Your Body of Toxins

Detoxification of body is not a new word and it is very important to detoxify your body in a healthy way. This article will explain to you the meaning of detoxification, why you need to detoxify and how to detoxify your body properly.

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification of the body is the cleansing

Detoxification of the body is the cleansing that a person goes through to rid the body of unwanted toxins.

Toxins are unwanted chemicals and poisons that can enter the body and cause minimal to maximum damage to tissues, organs, and even bones.

In the case of food toxins much of what we ingest goes through the liver and is thereby purified. Unfortunately if our diet is far too rich in sweets, fats, and other foods that are harmful in great quantities it can overtax the liver and cause a serious health concern.

Because of this it is highly recommended to learn how to detox your body in carefully measured steps so as to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

There are many methods that I will speak further on in this article, and I will list a number of benefits as well.

Why do You Need to Detox?

Why do You Need to Detox?

As mentioned above the act of detoxing is removing the toxins from the body. While the liver handles the dietary portion of detoxing it is important to find the best ways to detox for your own needs.

The best way to detox is to first consult a physician and discusses your current diet and the changes that might be made for your continued health.

The reason for detoxing at all is quite simple. People want to live longer and be healthier, and in truth there is no real way to do this if they continue to ingest the highly processed, pesticide and hormone-laced foods that are currently sold in supermarkets worldwide.

The toxins that are introduced through food and drink are numerous. The toxins introduced through the air and even within our own bodies are hard and sometimes even impossible to avoid.

It is important to control the intake of toxins that can be avoided in order to maintain good health and boost the immune system.

How Toxic Materials Get Into the Body

How Toxic Materials Get Into the Body

While food and drink are a large part of how toxins get into the body, the air around us, the substances we come into contact with, and even stress can cause toxins to run rampant through the body.

Think about how stressed out you can get during an average day, or worse, think about the level of stress that comes from an absolutely horrible day.

When you are stressed your body replies not just by growing fatigued and worn out, but your immune system becomes seriously compromised as well.

This can cause the ill feeling in the pit of your stomach and the low-grade nausea that is so common.

Stress is one of the worst possible things that can have an adverse effect upon the body, as it is difficult to stop and even harder to abolish completely.

Here are a few ways that toxins can get into the body.

1. Food

Many packaged and processed foods are filled with additives and preservatives meant to keep food fresh and tasty. Unfortunately, such chemicals can be extremely harmful to the body all on their own and can build up in the system for years.

2. Water

Do you really know what’s in your water? Depending on where you live you could be ingesting a large amount of toxins. Well water can be okay, but it is wise to stay aware of any possible environmental changes in your water source.

3. Environment

It’s almost impossible to avoid toxins in the environment. Aside from moving to different region it is inevitable that most people will be exposed to toxins each day they go outside.

4. Beauty products

Society often demands beauty and perfection and as such insists upon beautification through applied facial and body enhancements such as makeup, body sprays, and various other items. Unfortunately these eventually absorb into the body and can cause lasting damage if not removed.
5. Stress

You can be the source of your own toxic intake. As your body grows more and more stressed your immune system begins to lag behind and become less efficient in removing outside toxins, allowing the bad bacteria in your body to have its way. The more stressed out you are, the less efficient your body will work.

Benefits of Detoxification for Your Body

Benefits of Detoxification for Your Body

There are few downsides to detoxing your body. The benefits of detoxing your body are numerous, and some can e felt almost immediately as the body rids itself of unwanted and harmful toxins. Here are a few ways you can feel the effects of detoxification.

1) Eating Wholesome Foods can Help

By avoiding foods that are high in additives and preservatives you can avoid the harmful chemicals and allow your body to take in the needed nutrients that are needed to function and enjoy your life.

2) Provide More Energy

Once the toxins are out of your body your energy levels will increase dramatically. You will wake up refreshed,
energized, and ready to face the day. You will also experience a much easier time when going to sleep, which can help you gain the rest you need to continue this healthy cycle.

3) Your Mental Processes will improve

Believe it or not the habits you develop as far as your diet and your stress levels can have lasting effects upon your psychological health. Perhaps the best part of this benefit is that you can find ways to detox your body at home.

4) Your Stress will Lessen

When you learn to relax your body will work more efficiently. Your immune system will function as it should, and even your digestion will be improved.

5) Your Overall Health will Improve

By detoxing your body in a guided and safe manner, you can experience a wide variety of health benefits. Both your physical and psychological health will show marked improvement and will leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated, and ready to face each coming day.

10 Ways to Detox Your Body

There are many benefits to detoxification. This goal can be accomplished in many ways. Try to keep in mind though that the list items you’re about to read are recommendations.
While some are truly beneficial to everyone and can be taken as scripture, others tend to be used on an as-needed basis and might not work for everyone.
The trick of detoxifying the body is to know what works for you and what doesn’t. If you try to fix a broken machine with the wrong tool you’re bound to make it worse, right? Well, think of detoxification as the same thing, in theory. In a dietary sense the trick is to find foods that detox your body but don’t end up making your situation worse.
There are many different methods that can work for many peopl. The trick is finding the one that works for you. So with that said, here is the list of items and habits deemed best for you to try:

1) Eat a lot of dark, leafy green vegetables.

Kale, spinach, and other such leafy greens carry a great deal of nutrients that can be helpful in cleansing and purifying the body. Some of these foods are more of an acquired taste, but are generally good for the body and are recommended for cleansing purposes.
Some of these items might be an acquired taste. In this case its always advisable to consult a cookbook in order to find a recipe that uses such items in a way you can enjoy.
While some methods might reduce the amount of nutrients you receive, the roughage can be beneficial as well.

2) Try to drink as much water as possible.

I can’t say enough about this. The recommended practice is to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to stay regular, and even more when it’s hot out. Water not only helps to keep the body cool, it also helps to push toxins out and keep the liver functioning properly. While it doesn’t carry any real nutritional value, water is still very important. Without water the body overheats and creates a serious health concern.

3) Keep up an exercise regimen.

Exercise keeps the body in working condition and can help to boost the metabolism. You don’t need to work out at the intensity of an Olympic athlete. Develop a healthy morning or evening ritual and stick to it. Also incorporate at least ten to twenty minutes a day of cardiovascular exercise in order to keep the lungs healthy and the body functioning properly. Exercise can be as simple or as complex as you desire, and can be done at home or at the gym.

4) Remember to breathe easy and keep calm.

Stress is one of the overall causes of toxins entering and damaging the body. When your body is stressed it’s not working properly. In order to keeps your system running and in good health it is necessary to keep calm and think through your problems rather than letting them drag you down.
Meditation is a very effective way to learning how to detox your body at home, as it takes little time or effort and can help to calm the mind and relax the body.
Developing a morning or evening ritual that includes meditation can highly benefit the mind and body. Listening to soothing, calming music, learning valuable breathing exercises, and even just taking time to reflect upon your day can help to release harmful toxins.

5) Keep a high juice intake.

Along with your increased intake of leafy greens, juice drinks and smoothies made from wholesome foods can go a long way towards regulating and even cleaning out your system. A juice drink in the morning and at midday can help energize and fortify the body to keep it running smoothly.
As it was mentioned in the first method such foods can be an acquired taste. If this is an issue there are less harmful sweeteners that can be used and wholesome foods that are naturally sweet.
The main idea of juicing is to deliver the proper nutrients to the body so it can purge itself of toxins.

6) Meditation and stress-reduction is important.

It might seem repetitive, but meditation is a means by which to cleanse the mind and the body of toxins in a way that is proven and used worldwide. In fact, meditation has long since been used by scholars, monks, and anyone willing to listen to calm the mind and rejuvenate the body. It’s said that the body follows the mind, so in essence it only makes sense to practice this form of stress-relief in order to purge and cleanse your body of any unwanted toxins.
Meditation can be part of a morning ritual or a habit that can be utilized whenever needed. As a means of calming the body meditation is a preferred method that requires little effort.

7) Cook your own meals.

Going out is very easy at times and even preferred after a hard day at work. But if you don’t know what’s going into your food then you don’t know whether or not you’re inviting another toxin into your body. The point of detoxification is to get rid of the toxins, not invite them back in when you’ve already taken the first steps.
By cooking your own food you know exactly what’s going into the meal, and can be assured that you’re not attempting to sabotage your diet.
There is also a higher level of satisfaction that comes with knowing that you are in some way sel-sufficient. Cooking can also be a meditative process as well.

8) Be sure to read the labels on your food.

Food manufacturers are required by law to place every last ingredient they use on their labels. But they’re still tricky. They use big, hard to pronounce words that leave the average consumer scratching their head and willing to just toss the item into their cart.
Be aware of what you’re buying, read each label carefully. It will take more time to shop but will be worth the effort when you purchase items that are meant to increase your health rather than risking it.
As a general rule it is wise to avoid products that feature sugar more than once in their ingredients. More often than not such products use refined sugar that is detrimental to your health and very addictive.

9) Eat more raw foods like veggies and fruits.

Let’s face it, cooking certain foods does in fact make them taste a little better at times. Unfortunately it also destroys the valuable nutrients that are needed to help purify the body and keep it running smoothly.
Eating raw foods allows those nutrients to be better absorbed and distributed throughout the body in order to keep the system running more efficiently.
If raw vegetables are too tasteless for you then make use of a carefully selected dipping sauce and use it sparingly. The small bit of flavor can make such foods go down a lot easier.

10) Don’t stress your way to success. Take small advances and reward yourself when you reach a goal.

Try to redefine what you consider a successful moment in your life. If you’re stressing as hard as you can to achieve perfection then it’s likely that you’re causing yourself a great deal of unnecessary stress.
Perfection is not possible In the way that many define the word. If you stress yourself too much by trying to be absolutely perfect, your physical and psychological health will decline.
Take pleasure in achieving realistic goals. Allow yourself to relax when you’ve reached a small milestone and then focus on the next leg of your journey.
Many debates exist as to whether it’s the journey or the destination that is important, but in truth if you can’t make the journey then the destination becomes less and less real as you place more amore stress on yourself.
Enjoy each moment as it comes and focus upon achieving one goal at a time.

Detox Diet and Foods

As has already been listed above, the foods you want to focus on eating and drinking are those that are far more natural and don’t feature as many additives, preservatives, and other chemicals. Anything natural and can be purchased locally is preferred, as it has less chance of being tampered with and is likely to be far healthier. Below are several foods that can aid in the cleansing process and can even become healthy replacements for the foods that so many people enjoy despite their lack of dietary benefits.

Fruits and Vegetables

Try for leafy, green, and raw when it comes to vegetables and fruits. Broccoli, beets, carrots, tomatoes, oranges, watermelon, most berries, and leafy greens like kale and spinach can provide untold health benefits and are able to be prepared in many upon many different ways. While cooking them down can strip them of nutrients they are still far healthier than many other foods that are quick and easy to prepare and often come in a box.


Whole grains can provide a very beneficial and useful way to cleanse the body. Foods such as oats, millet, wild rice, and even quinoa can help to dean out the system.
Such roughage doesn’t always offer the needed nutrients, but can serve better as a means to purge any unwanted toxins from the body. The only issue that can come from introducing whole grains comes from the body’s need for carbohydrates.


Animal proteins are a bit trickier in this day and age. Many farmers and corporations employ the use of growth hormones and steroids to make their animals grow larger and produce more in the way of meat and dairy products. Look for organically farmed animals and even wild game, as these are more often healthier and don’t possess any unwanted chemicals.

Other sources of protein can include soy products, nuts, seeds, and even beans and legumes. Brown rice is also a healthy alternative when taken in measured amounts, and can be used as a way to cleanse the body and replace red meat that can otherwise remain undigested in the body.


Following with the argument that the human body can’t always process dairy as needed, it is wise to avoid most dairy products, but there are some that can be highly beneficial. Any products with probiotics and specialized enzymes that can aid in digestion are highly useful and are usually safe to ingest.


When using oils one should remember to apply them sparingly to foods, as too much can throw the body out of balance. Products such as hemp oil, flax oil, avocado oil, and even coconut oil can add flavor to your meal and even help to allow foods to pass easier through your body.


While undergoing the detoxification process, many individuals will cut calories drastically to avoid placing any unwanted toxins into their body. This can be dangerous as the human body requires a certain amount of calories to keep the metabolism running smoothly.
If you cut too many calories out of your diet you run the risk of packing on more weight as your body will go into starvation mode.
For best results consult a physician before taking on the detoxification process and learn how to go about the process smoothly and with maximum efficiency it will likely produce a much healthier and more satisfying result.
If you do go on a crash diet while attempting to detox, the chances are that you will end up doing more harm than good.


The methods listed above for detoxifying your body are all sound and proven, but are not necessarily meant for everyone. It never hurts to try new methods to stay healthy and to maximize your body’s overall efficiency, but you need to take it slow and perhaps even keep a diary to measure your progress. In this way you can at least be assured of what works and what doesn’t.
Each of the 10 methods listed above is designed to take you from feeling less energized and sluggish to feeling as though you can take on the world with a smile each day.