How Physical Fitness Promotes School Success

How Physical Fitness Promotes School Success
Fitness workouts
Fitness workouts
Fitness workouts

One outstanding benefit of Physical Fitness in schools is its effect on children’s cognitive abilities. There is quite a number of articles which propose that fitness health promotes school success. It has been researched that the children that retain more information are those that carry out fitness workout activity when they are compared to those children that are not physically active. Children that are physically active are able to free that inbuilt energy they have through fitness workouts, and it help them to be focused for a longer period during classes.

Researches have also found that students who did fitness workouts or run around the school field for at least 10 minutes, scored higher mark than those who sat quietly before an examination. Furthermore, the same result for fitness health from this study will be shown if it were conducted in a work station.

Another research was done where the fitness health level of over 10,000 children was recorded when they took part in a timed run. The academic achievement in Math and English based on the approved test scores with the body mass index of each child were also recorded. Higher achievement scores were proved to be linked to better fitness of the children.

Also, a study conducted by researchers desired to see in what other ways the fitness health of children might affect how they learn. Children between the ages of 9 and 10 years were selected and their aerobic fitness was tested on a treadmill. Then, 30 out of the most fit where selected with 30 of the least fit children to tasks involving memorizing different topics. The results showed that, the children who did fitness workouts like aerobics, performed significantly better than the other children who were less fit. This was seen when they memorized without testing them intermittently which was a more difficult form of learning process.

Especially at younger ages, fitness workout is of utmost importance. It enables individuals look, think, feel and sleep better. As illustrated above, children will always perform much better in their school academics. So it is quite important for families and guardians to assist their children in being physically active through fitness workouts. Teachers should be able to recognize that physical fitness workout is important in enhancing overall school success of students and encourage it by giving their students, short intermittent breaks to expend extra energy they have on fitness workouts and activity.

There is the need also for parent to encourage habits that are healthy – fitness workout inclusive – for all youngsters. As a routine part of the livelihood of children such as sleeping and eating, fitness health activity should be encouraged.

Fitness workouts in sports such as soccer, handball, swimming, cycling, jogging, basketball, walking briskly, dancing, aerobics and summersaults done regularly, can promote sound fitness health as these are not only fun activities. Some other sports, like chess or monopoly which are indoor enhance mental activity but not as beneficial to the child in promoting fitness health. Fitness workouts and physical activity promotes an increase in cardiovascular endurance.

One of the most common diseases that many suffer globally is heart disease than any other medical conditions. That is why regular fitness workout has been encouraged in different countries in other to help protect people against heart conditions. Strengthening the cardiovascular system can be achieved by regular fitness workouts to improve the children’s fitness, thereby making them feel better.

A good way to help the heart pump more efficiently can be done by a fitness workout such as aerobic activity. This aids in reducing the occurrence of high blood pressure. This fitness workout helps to raise blood levels of HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol (otherwise known as good cholesterol), that is responsible for cleansing the bloodstream of excess fats. Although, a number of cardiovascular diseases are referred to as adulthood ailments, deposits of fat have been detected in children’s arteries who as young as three years in age, while high blood pressure has been found in about 7 percent of young children. So, we see the reason why fitness health can be achieved with the aid of fitness workouts.
As parents, one can provide a fitness health plan for their children at least thrice a week, since the child needs at least twenty minutes of continuous fitness workout with a heart rate which should be above his resting level. Continuous brisk walking has been seen as a simple example of fitness workout yet, effective guide towards maintaining good fitness health.
Finally, before fitness workout sessions, warm up before and cool down after times should be done to ease the cardiovascular system into or out of vigorous activity and also free the muscles and joints. This guarantees the safest form of workout and is achieved through stretching before and after workouts for just a few minutes.

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