Health benefits of sex toys and side effects of sex toys

Health benefits of sex toys and side effects of sex toys

Ever try to look up health benefits of sex toys online or offline? Sex toys are likely to be found in your bedside drawer than your office drawer. While you may be sceptical about sex toys, it is important to know that they don’t just offer bedroom pleasure, they could also boost your health.


The global sex toy industry is worth over $15 billion a year and research showed that almost half the British population admit to owning at least a product. In fact, the use of sex toys is becoming ever more mainstream. You can even use it while trying different sex styles to satisfy your partner.


Research carried out at Indiana University in the United State of America found that 45% men and 53% women aged between 18 to 65 years had used a vibrator, and that vibrator they use is associated with improved sexual function and being more proactive about sexual health.


Even if you are trying to get pregnant naturally, vibrators offer fun and pleasure, and can also be a useful adjunct to medical treatment. The vibrator use is rarely associated with side effects unlike some drugs prescribed to treat sexual dysfunction.


Health benefits of sex toys and side effects of sex toys

Facts about sex toys and women

  • The research found that over half the women surveyed had used a sex toy and 25 percent of them had used vibrator within the last month.
  • Women who use a sex toy reported increased levels in sexual function, such as arousal, desire, orgasm and lubrication, leading to a positive sexual experience.
  • Women who use sex toy were more likely to have been examined by a gynaecologist during the last 12 months and have likely performed a self examination of their genital part in the last month.
  • About three quarters (71.5 percent) of women reported no side effects the vibrator use and those who reported side effects said they were rare and short-lived when they occurred.


Health benefits of sex toys and side effects of sex toys

Facts about sex toys and men

  • About half the male respondents reported using a sex toy with very little difference between vibrator use between bisexual or gay men and heterosexual men.
  • Of the men who’d used sex toy, 10 percent had used a vibrator in the last month, 14 percent in the last 12 months and 20.5 percent more than a year ago.
  • 91% of heterosexual men commonly reported sex toy use during foreplay or sexual intercourse with a female partner.
  • The men who used sex toys reported that they were more likely to participate in sexual health-promoting behaviours such as male sexual health clinics and testicular examination.
  • These men also scored themselves higher on satisfaction levels of sexual desire, orgasmic function, erectile dysfunction and intercourse satisfaction.


Health benefits of sex toys and side effects of sex toys

Surprising health benefits of sex toys

Using vibrators to enhance sexual pleasure and orgasm can help you boost immunity, sleep, reduce stress, boost brainpower and relieve pain. In fact, age is not a barrier. A lady said she enjoyed her first orgasm at 70 using a sex toy.


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Here are more health benefits of sex toys:


#1.vibrators can rejuvenate vaginas

Most of the most uncomfortable symptoms of menopause are gynaecological. Declining levels of the hormone oestrogen can lead to vaginal dryness, tightness and atrophy. This can lead to a decrease in sex drive and painful sex.


But sex toys can alleviate these symptoms by improving the elasticity and tone of vaginal walls, and promote vaginal lubrication as well as improving sexual sensation.


Vibrators can also be useful following gynaecological surgery or after childbirth to keep the vaginal tissue flexible and prevent it from becoming too tight, and also promote blood flow to the area to speed up healing.


#2. Great sex is good for you

Vibrators can make sex more enjoyable and help couples discover what turns them on. Having great sex can promote wellbeing and health by improving your mood and making you feel good physically. Using sex toys can make you feel great and promote your circulation.


#3. Vibrators help men too

Men can also benefit from sex toys too. Men who use sex toys are less likely to be burdened with low sex drive, difficulty orgasming and erectile dysfunction. They are more likely to be aware of their sexual health, making them more likely to quickly notice any abnormalities and seek medical help.


Vibrators can help men overcome erectile dysfunction following prostate surgery or treatment, spinal cord injury, heart disease, neurological conditions and diabetes by promoting the blood flow in the erectile tissues and stimulating the nerve to help have an erection without having to take Viagra.


#4. Sex toys can be better than medical dilators for vaginismus

Vaginismus is a condition in which the vaginal muscles of a woman are tensed up involuntarily when penetration is attempted. This condition is generally treated with medical dilators of increasing sizes to permit the patient to start with the thinnest dilator and slowly progress to the next size.


Unfortunately, not all women get on with dilators. Most physiotherapists now ask women to use sex toy instead of a standard dilator. Vibrators can be a significant help for women recovering from dyspareunia/vaginismus.


#5. Sex is not only about penetration

There is a reason sexperts stress the importance of foreplay. Most women can’t orgasm through only penetration no matter how turned on they are. It may be important to stimulate the clitoris with vibrator for satisfying climaxes. If you have vulva pain such as vulvodynia, vibrators can be really useful.


Health benefits of sex toys and side effects of sex toys

Side effects of using sex toys

If you use sex toys or dildo, take care before shopping. The use of vibrators for men and women has skyrocketed with the popularity of the bondage-heavy film and novel – but so have injuries related to vibrators.


Don’t be scared of using sex toys; the few injuries recorded are not serious ones and are mostly a result of abuse. Ever since Fifty Shades of Grey was published in 201, the sale of sex toys has increased and sex toys related injuries have also increased.


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That doesn’t mean you should stop using vibrators. But it makes sense to be aware of the following risks and how to prevent them:


#1. Vibrators can get stuck in you

CPSC data report showed that about 83% of vibrator injuries result from getting something stuck in or on the genitalia. Doctors have also pulled out cell phones, can of hair spray and TV remote control. CPSC database suggests that most of these incidents involve the rectum rather than the vagina.


To play safe, it makes sense to use sex toys that have a flared base, or string that helps retrieve it.


#2. Putting a ring on it

Penis rings hardly cause injuries but when they do, most people that use penis ring and sex toy usually believe they are caused by sex toys. Avoid using penis ring when you take drugs, alcohol or in marathon sessions. Also don’t use penis ring and vibrator together.


#3. Too much of good thing

Overusing sex toy can cause chronic numbness in your sensitive parts. A study found that more than half of women have used vibrator, and about one in five of them have experienced side effects such as pain and numbness.


Instead of staying on one spot, move the device around, changing up the vibration pattern.


#4. Chemical romance

The chemical in and on sex toys can leach out of the vinyl, plastic or rubber and into the skin, potentially causing rashes and itching. Many contain phthalates designed by the Environmental Protection Agency as a possible human carcinogen.


Hard plastic and silicone are good choices for non-toxic vibrators. You can check this for the best non-toxic toys.


#5. Getting down and dirty

A study found that 18% of women who use sex toys don’t clean them. That could be problematic if vibrators are shared between partners. Another study of women with female partners found that sharing vaginal sex toys increase the risk of vaginal infections.


In fact, sharing sex toys can increase the risk of hepatitis B and C, as well as HIV. To be safe, clean your vibrators with warm water and soap after each use, or use rubbing alcohol to clean them if they are not waterproof.


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Can sex toys be safe?

Yes, if you keep them clean and use them responsibly – otherwise, they can pass on infections and sexually transmitted infections. Here is how to make vibrators safe:


  • Keep vibrators clean always. Wash them after use
  • Cover sex toys with a new condom each time you use one
  • Don’t share sex toys
  • Have different sex toys for each partner.
  • Use sex toys from a trusted source
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  • Check vibrators regularly for any breaks or scratches in the surface material where germs could be present and spread.
  • If you are allergic to latex, don’t use sex toys made of or containing latex.
  • Visit genitourinary clinic or your local sexual health clinic if you need advice or think you have an infection.


The bottom line

The use of sex toys can help improve your sexual health and well-being by making you aware of any issues which may occur so that you can quickly find a way to alleviate the issue or encourage you to seek medical advice.

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However, you need to invest in high quality sex toys to avoid health problems that may associate with using vibrators. Also make sure you use vibrators as directed and always keep them clean to avoid infections.

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