DNA RNA: what you need to know about D NA and DNA testing kits

DNA RNA: what you need to know about D NA and DNA testing kits


Personal DNA RNA testing is no longer a new thing as it has now become popular than ever before. Most people are searching through the DNA database every day to know the race they belong, while other people are asking, “where is DNA located.” Well, I will answer a lot of questions about DNA in this article so you can fully understand everything you need to know about D NA.

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What makes DNA testing easy is that you can easily do it in the comfort of your home without breaking a bank. In fact, home DNA RNA testing has gone from curiosity to the competitive market over the past decade. That is why we now have different companies producing DNA test kits.


What is DNA RNA?

DNA RNA: what you need to know about D NA and DNA testing kits

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the hereditary material present in both humans and other organisms. Nearly every cell in your body contains the same DNA. While most of the DNA is located in the cell nucleus, few can also be found in the mitochondria (Mitochondria convert energy from food into what cells can use).

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DNA contains information stored in form of code made up of chemicals including guanine (G), Adenine (A), thymine (T) and cytosine (C). Human DNA consists of around 3 billion bases, where over 99% are the same in all people. Just like the letters of the alphabet appear to form words and sentence, the sequence or order of the D NA determines the available information for building and maintaining an organism.


The most important property of DNA is the ability to make copies of itself or replicate.


RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) on the other hand converts the genetic information in D NA to a form used to build proteins and moves it to ribosomal protein factories. While D NA has two strands, RNA has one strand. RNA shares Guanine (G), Cytosine (C) and Adenine (A) with DNA, but contains Uracil (U) instead of Thyamine in D NA.


What D NA looks like?

DNA RNA: what you need to know about D NA and DNA testing kits

DNA we are all taught earlier on is colorful. D NA is the building block of life which is not just a whirligig-like twist, but everything about humans and all other organisms. The recent research about how DNA looks like can be found here.


What you need to know before taking an ancestry DNA test

I know it is a trend and almost everyone wants to know more about their ancestors. Before you go to the lab and take the ancestry DNA test, here is what you need to know.


#1. Know the available D NA test

When it comes to DNA test you have many options including:

  • Autosomal DNA test: This test can trace all your family lines. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can take this test. You only need your saliva sample to get this test done
  • Y chromosome (Y-DNA test): If a man wants to explore his direct father’s ancestry line or “patrilineal,” this is the right test.
  • Mitochondrial DNA test (mtDNA test): mtDNA test tracks your mother’s heritage line. So if you want to trace your matrilineal, this is the right test for you.


#2. How in-depth is your result

Based on the testing company, the details in your results may vary according to the regions included. Ancestry measures your DNA at around 700,000 locations across your genome and takes the data to identify the exact regions your ancestors may have lived. The result may include how your ancestor migrates to where you are today.


#3. Are there privacy risks?

When it comes to ancestry DNA test, the common question people ask is their privacy. Ancestry DNA doesn’t claim the ownership right when you submit your D NA for testing.


#4. How other people’s results relate to your own?

Aside from telling you about yourself, you can learn about how you relate to others through genetic testing. It means you can get more insight into your family history. With the ancestry DNA huge database, you can find the people that are related to you with just a click of a button.


#5. What other things can you explore?

Discovering the region you are tied to will give you reasons to join the heritage travel trend. You may also use your newly discovered ethnic roots to do something related to your origin. With this test, inspiration is limitless. It makes sense to know where you belong and who your ancestors are really are.


Where is DNA located?

DNA RNA: what you need to know about D NA and DNA testing kits dna location

DNA is located in the Eukaryotic cell’s nucleus. In some cases, D NA is located within the nucleoid like Prokaryotic cells. It is found in the nucleus of every cell in your body. It may be expressed differently based on the cell, but the same D NA is found in every single cell of the body. The only difference in human is the gametes and sex cells which are involved in reproduction.


DNA database

DNA database is important because it can solve a lot of problems. From knowing your origin to the security using it to reduce crime, DNA database is important. If you want to check the DNA database to know people that are of the same origin as you or to just trace your origin, it is easy to do.


Just enter the information into the database and get everything you need. The security agencies also use the DNA database to trace criminals who have their D NA in the D NA database. So it has a lot of benefits.


The best DNA ancestry kits

Most of us want to celebrate where we come from but it is not enough to rely on word of mouth from relatives alone. That is why you need DNA ancestry kits to determine your heritage and your family tree branches.


With several DNA ancestry kits out there, choosing the best can be difficult. Before you choose one, you need to its uses and other features it provides to know the exact information you want to know about your background.


Are you ready to buy the right DNA ancestry test kit? Check the recommended test kits below.


#1. 23andMe DNA Test

With 23andMe DNA test kit, you are sure of more genetic information and you are never going to regret investing in this kit.



  • You are sure of accurate ethnic results
  • You will find useful information on your birth families
  • More medical information than other DNA test kits on the market



  • Results take time to receive
  • Genetic and heritage information can be broad and not specific to the user
  • Doesn’t test for several common disease markers


#2. AncestryDN: Genetic Testing

This test kit is not expensive but associated with a well-respected genealogical database. It may help you answer general questions about extended family and ethnicity connections.



  • It is cheap
  • Living relatives that are similar in DNA traits can be contacted or located
  • You can transfer raw DNA data to other sites easily



  • Reports of slow response times
  • Results not specific as expected
  • No genetic health component


#3. DNA Fingerprint Plus

With this DNA ancestry test kit, you are sure of more detailed results specific to you. So it is great for you if you are a family history enthusiast.



  • Easy process and fast results
  • Identifies numerous ethnic groups
  • One-on-one consultation possible


  • Expensive
  • Scientific and long results that are somewhat hard to interpret
  • No genetic health component


#4. Vitagene DNA test kit

While most DNA test kits concentrate only on ethnicity and ancestry, this kit is great for health issues and genetic component. If you are an athlete, dieter or someone exploring a healthier lifestyle, this is the right kit for you.



  • It comes with extensive educational material
  • Extensive health questionnaire
  • Detailed list of dietary supplements based on your DNA results



  • Ancestry information can be vague
  • Test results take about 2 or more months
  • Strong push to buy supplements


#5. Rare Genes from History DNA Test

This kit provides more of secondary DNA test. Because it provides results that are better than primary results produced by several other DNA test kits in the market, I recommend it. If you are looking for a deeper genetic history, this is the kit for you.



  • It is cheap
  • Provides fast and accurate results
  • Provides genetic information not often provided by other DNA kits
  • Histories, maps and other vital information included in the test results


  • Ancestral information can be generic or vague
  • No genetic health component


What a DNA ancestry test kit can reveal

  • Unknown relatives
  • Ethnicity
  • Health information
  • Family tree

How to get accurate DNA results?

DNA RNA: what you need to know about D NA and DNA testing kits

  • If you are using DNA ancestry kit that requires saliva or cheek swab samples, don’t eat, smoke, chew gum or drink for at least thirty minutes before giving the sample.
  • If you have a problem spitting enough saliva, rub your cheeks to stimulate the production of saliva.



If you want to trace your history, it is now easier than ever before. With different great DNA test kits on the market, you are sure to get the results. Your DNA RNA is important and if you want to take the D NA test, now is the right time to do it.

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