Avocado Nutrition: everything about avocado health benefits


Not many people know about avocado nutrition and health benefits of avocado. Avocado is a unique fruit because it is high in healthy fats such that if you are trying to lose weight with the latest Keto weight loss method, it is the best fruit for you.


Of course, you can eat avocado in different forms. From avocado fruit, avocado toast, avocado oil to avocado salad, you can eat it in the form you like and we are going to explain the different forms in which you can enjoy it.


Not many fruits can boast the great texture and flavor profile of avocado because it is creamy and smooth with subtle flavor. People use avocado in cuisines all around the globe – from sushi rolls in Japan to guacamole in Mexico. In fact, there is the Chipotle national avocado day. We’ll talk about how you can enjoy avocado on the Chipotle national avocado day in this article.


Types of avocado

  • Hass avocado: the most common type
  • Choquette: commonly grown in Florida
  • Gwen: smaller than Hass avocados
  • Maluma: found in South Africa
  • Lula: grown in Miami on George Cellon land
  • Reed: grown in California
  • Pinkerton: grown in California
  • Cocktail avocados: just like a normal avocado but long and thin


Despite the immense avocado nutrition, not many people know what this delicious fruit can do for them. Avocado is on  the list of healthy fats to eat .  Let’s get started with avocado health benefits.

Avocado nutrition health benefits of avocado


Top Health Benefits of Avocado

Studies have shown avocado has a lot of powerful health benefits. Here are the health benefits of avocado:


#1. Avocado is loaded with nutrition

The scientific name of this nutritious fruit is Persea Americana. Aside from its high nutrient value, its flavor and texture make it a great addition to various dishes. Its nutritious value makes it an incredibly popular food among people that are health conscious and those that are following a keto diet plan to lose weight.


Avocado contains abundant nutrients and just one avocado can provide you with:

  • Vitamin C: 20.1mg (33% Daily Value)
  • Vitamin A: 293IU (6% Daily Value)
  • Vitamin K: 42.2mcg (53% Daily Value)
  • Vitamin B6: 0.5mg (26% Daily Value)
  • Vitamin E: 4.2mg 921% Daily Value)
  • Protein: 4g (8% Daily Value)
  • Thiamin: 0.1mg (9% Daily Value)
  • Foliate: 163mcg (41% Daily Value)
  • Niacin: 3.5mg (17% Daily Value)
  • Riboflavin: 0.3mg (15% Daily Value)
  • Pantothenic Acid: 2.8mg (28% Daily Value)
  • Phosphorus: 105mg (10% Daily Value)
  • Magnesium: 58.3mg (15% Daily Value)
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: 221mg
  • Monosaturated Fat: 19.7g
  • Dietary fiber: 13.5g (54% Daily Value)
  • Potassium: 975mg (28% Daily Value)
  • Small amount of zinc, iron, copper, manganese and Vitamin B5


Avocado has no sodium or cholesterol, which is why it is a great food for anyone trying to stay healthy or lose weight.

Avocado nutrition health benefits of avocado


#2. It is good for your eyes

Two phytochemicals (zeaxanthin and lutein) are present in avocado. These two components are concentrated in the eyes and provide the eyes with antioxidant protection to help reduce damage from ultraviolet light, etc.


The monosaturated fatty acids in this fruit also support the absorption of fat-soluble antioxidants like beta-carotene. Adding it to your meal can help you reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration.


#3.  Good for the health of your hearth

Avocados have 25mg per ounce of beta-sitosterol, which when you consume regularly can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels.


#4. Avocados are a great source of potassium

If you are not getting enough potassium in your diet, you may need to add avocado to your diet. Low potassium is not peculiar to only the third world countries but also first world countries. According to the Institute of Medicine, you should be getting about 4,700mg of potassium daily.


Unfortunately, the average potassium intake for Americans is just around 2,640mg daily. You can see the difference! Potassium offers several health benefits including its ability to protect cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure.


You can see why it is important to consume the right amount of potassium daily. Most people think the best way to get potassium is to eat a banana. But you can get 975mg from one avocado instead of banana’s 422mg.


If you are looking to add more potassium to your daily diet, look no further than avocados.


#5. Avocados contain enough fiber

Avocado is also rich in fiber that can contribute to weight loss, reduction of blood sugar levels and reduced risk of many diseases. Its soluble fiber is a good food for the friendly gut bacteria that are vital for the optimal function of your body.


#6. A great source of vitamin K

Eating just one avocado daily will give you over half of the recommended vitamin K you need daily. When it comes to vitamin K, people don’t give much attention to it but it is vital for pregnant and breastfeeding women.


It is good for breastfeeding and pregnant women because of potentially fatal bleeding disorder (vitamin K deficiency bleeding) which can occur during the early part of infancy. An infant with this deficiency usually has a problem with blood clotting.


When such an infant has external or internal bleeding, the bleeding will become uncontrollable. Therefore, bleeding into certain organs such as the brain can lead to death. That is why mothers need to consume vitamin K to protect their infants.


Vitamin K also benefits your bone. Whether you are breastfeeding a baby or pregnant or not, you need the daily required vitamin K in your diet. There is no better way to get vitamin K than from avocados. In fact, avocado can help you prevent Osteoporosis.

Avocado nutrition health benefits of avocado cancer prevention


#7. Cancer prevention

Taking an adequate amount of folate in your food has been discovered to protect you against pancreatic, stomach, cervical and colon cancers.


According to research, avocados may have a great role to play when it comes to cancer treatment. It has been found that phytochemicals extracted from avocados inhibit the growth of cancerous and precancerous cells and cause cancer cells to die, while also encouraging lymphocytes proliferation.


#8. Avocados consumers tend to be healthier

A study examined the dietary habits and health data of 17,567 people who consume avocados. Those that eat avocados were healthier than those who didn’t. Those who consumed avocados also regularly weigh less and had significantly less belly fats and lower BMI. They also had higher levels of good HDL cholesterol


#9. Avocado contains loads of healthy fats

Not all of us like to consume fat and most people are avoiding avocados because its calorie content is about 77% fat. But in actuality, you can benefit a lot from fat. People losing weight with keto diet plan will tell you the importance of fat.


If you are trying to lose weight, being in ketosis is great because ketosis state of the body requires more fat with a small content of other nutrients. Avocados fat is healthy because it comes in form of oleic acid which is believed to reduce blood pressure.


The oleic acid found in this fruit can also help reduce inflammatory effects and combat cancer. This means you should not fear avocados fat. If you really want to shed some pounds, avocado is good for you.

Avocado nutrition health benefits of avocado oil


#10. Avocado oil is great for cooking food

Avocado oil contains monosaturated fatty acid which is good for the body. Most of the oils out there contain polyunsaturated fats which are not healthy.


When it also comes to flavor, avocado oil has a great flavor and light taste. Its flavor complements your dishes without overpowering them. Whatever your recipe, avocado oil is a great and healthier choice.

Avocado nutrition health benefits of avocado arthritis


#11. The avocado extract can relieve arthritis symptoms

Arthritis is a common issue in Western countries and there are many types of it. Most types of arthritis are chronic. Studies suggest that soybean and avocado oil extract known as soybean and avocado unsaponifiables can help reduce osteoarthritis.

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#12. Avocado may help you lose weight

Have you tried keto weight loss diet? With keto weight loss program, consuming more fat is now one of the best ways to lose weight (read this). There is evidence that avocado is a great weight loss food.


#13. It protects your liver

Looking for a food that is good for your liver protection? Avocado is a great choice. Some organic compounds found in avocado provide your liver with protective effect and can also suppress injury.


#14. Avocado is easy to incorporate in your diet

Not only is avocado healthy, but it is also delicious and you can easily combine it with different types of food. Whether you want to add it to salad, various recipes or you just want to scoop it out with a spoon and eat, avocado is easy to incorporate in your diet.


It has a creamy, fatty texture and can easily blend with other ingredients. Guacamole is a popular mention as it is arguably the most popular use of avocado.

Avocado nutrition health benefits of avocado


#15. Improved digestion

Although this fruit has a creamy texture, it is high in fiber (approximately 6-7g per half fruit). Consuming foods containing natural fiber can help you prevent constipation, lower the risk of colon cancer and maintain a healthy digestive tract.


#16. Improved psychological health

Avocados contain fatty acids which are involved in mood regulation. Research has suggested that there is evidence that diets high in healthy fats such as the monosaturated fatty acids in avocado may help lower depression risk.


Avocado also has vitamin B6 which research has suggested can help reduce depression. If you want to improve your mood, consuming avocado makes sense.


Avocado nutrition health benefits of avocado


#17. Reduces the wrinkles and age lines appearance

A study found that zeaxanthin and lutein have cosmetic benefits for your skin. They can help increase the lipids on the surface of your skin and boost its hydration and elasticity.


As we grow old, there is a reduction in collagen production which causes the skin to lose elasticity. When this is combined with dryness, the age lines and wrinkles will begin to appear. But the antioxidant content of avocado can help keep your skin smooth, fresh, firm and youthful-looking.


Fortunately, you can either take the antioxidants zeaxanthin and lutein topically or orally to make your skin smooth. The bottom line is that you should eat avocado and apply its oil to your skin if you are looking for a quick result.


#18. It can treat type 2 diabetes

This great fruit can improve your insulin levels and lipid profile. Consuming monosaturated fatty acids rather than complex digestible carbs can improve type 2 diabetes condition. Because avocados are a great source of monosaturated fatty acids, consuming it regularly can help you prevent and treat type 2 diabetes.


Avocado nutrition health benefits of avocado hair care


 #19. It may be good in hair care

Avocado has moisturizing properties which help not to only hydrate the skin but also the hair. Currently, there seems not much research to confirm this but there is plenty of evidence that avocados are great hair care treatment.


One this is certain; most hair care products have avocado oil listed as an ingredient, which shows its importance when it comes to hair care treatment.


Avocado calories fact

Avocado is a healthy fruit you can consume daily as the nutrition experts have called it a superfood. If you are looking to add it t your dish but needs to know avocado calories facts, here is what you need to know.

avocado health benefits infographic 1

The size of an avocado will determine its calories. Although most avocados are bigger, the infographic below shows avocado calories facts for one cup of sliced avocado.


But let’s look at its nutrition facts based on tablespoon. There are 25 calories in a tablespoon of guacamole, so adding two tablespoons of it to your diet will give you 50 calories. That isn’t bad at all. And generally speaking, two tablespoon of guacamole contains 50 calories, 240mg of sodium, 3g of carbohydrate, 4.5g of fat (including 2.5g of saturated fat) and 1g of protein.


Here is the avocado nutrition fact for one:

  • Calories – 322
  • Fat – 29g
  • Carbs – 17g
  • Protein – 4g
  • Fiber – 14g


What about the fat?

Although avocados like other natural weight loss foods are mostly made up of fat, the fat content is mostly monosaturated fatty acids which are good for you when consumed. The monosaturated fatty acids content of this fruit helps you reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome and heart disease, less belly fat and bad LDL cholesterol.


Can I enjoy avocados?

Yes! It is delicious and nutritious. If you are looking for the best fruit that gives you a chance to eat it in different forms, this is the right fruit for you. Here are the ways you can consume avocados:


Avocado salad

avocado salad Avocado Nutrition: everything about avocado health benefits

If you want to prepare avocado salad, make sure you use a large, ripe one and Vidalia onions or Walla Walla sweet in this recipe.



  • 2 avocados that are peeled, pitted and diced
  • 1 green bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 sweet onion, chopped
  • ¼ cup of chopped fresh cilantro
  • 1 large ripe tomato, chopped
  • ½ lime, juiced
  • Pepper and salt to taste



This should be ready in 10 minutes. In a medium bowl, combine avocado, cilantro, lime juice, tomato, bell pepper, and onion. Gently toss it until it is evenly coated and then season it with pepper and salt. Boom! Avocado salad is ready!


Not only that, you can also prepare avocado tomato salad, cobb salad, Caprese Stuffed Avocados, breaded chicken cob salad, etc.


Avocado toast

avocado toast Avocado Nutrition: everything about avocado health benefits

One of the favorite quick meals you can prepare is a creamy avocado spread on a well-toasted bread. This meal is delicious and you are going to love it.


Here is how you can make the best avocado toast:

  • Buy ripe avocados
  • Buy a good bread and toast very well
  • Mash avocado separately (you can use a potato masher
  • Remember the salt
  • You can also add any of garlic, fresh leafy herbs, egg, onion or tomatoes.


Here are the ingredients. You can use as desired though.

  • ½ ripe avocado
  • 1 slice of bread
  • Pinch of salt
  • Any extra healthy toppings if you like

Instruction for avocado toast

  • Toast the slice bread until it is golden and firm
  • Remove the avocado’s pit and use a big spoon to scoop out its flesh. Put it in a bowl and use a fork to mash it up until it is smooth. Add a pinch of salt (around 1/8 teaspoonful). You can add more taste if you like.
  • Spread avocado on top of your toast bread and enjoy.


Avocado oil (health benefits of avocado oil)

avocado oil Avocado Nutrition: everything about avocado health benefits

If you are looking for the best cooking oil, avocado oil is one of the best. Although avocado oil is not as popular as olive oil, it is delicious and safe to consume because of its healthy properties. If you are wondering why you should use avocado oil, here are the benefits of avocado oil:

  • It is rich in oleic acid, which is a healthy fat for your overall health
  • It improves heart health and reduces cholesterol
  • It is high in an antioxidant called lutein that benefits your eyes
  • Use it to heal chapped skin
  • It can calm itchy skin
  • Shields your skin from ultraviolet radiation
  • It hydrates and moisturizes your skin
  • Protects your skin from damage
  • It enhances the absorption of vital nutrients
  • It prevents gum diseases
  • It reduces symptoms of arthritis
  • Enhances wound healing and improves your skin whether by eating it or rubbing it on your skin
  • It is easy to use
  • It neutralizes free radicals


How to add avocado oil to your diet

  • Add a tablespoon to a smoothie
  • Add when baking
  • Drizzle it over a salad
  • Use in homemade mayo
  • Use as a marinade for grilling meat
  • Top hummus off with avocado oil
  • Drizzle over vegetable before roasting
  • Drizzle over cold soups like gazpacho
  • It can also be added to cosmetic and skin care products

To rip the full health benefits of avocado oil, make sure you buy a cold-pressed version of it.


Avocado is the perfect food for weight loss

loss weight fast

If you are looking to shed some pounds, eating avocado daily makes sense. We have said a lot about its content in this article, so you are not new to its components anymore. Based on studies, avocado is great when it comes to weight loss. Here is why it is good for weight loss:

  • One avocado a day can keep your cholesterol levels at bay. This research confirms that.
  • Swapping your cooking oil for avocado oil rich in monosaturated and oleic fatty acids can help you reduce belly fat. This study and this study confirm that.
  • With low calorie and vitamin-rich avocado, you can shrink your waist. It is also a nutrient booster. This confirms that.
  • It is a hunger squasher
  • It is a gateway drug to keep you healthier, lighter and thinner
  • It squashes calories


avocado oil

Chipotle national avocado day: get free guacamole

National Avocado Day 2018 was held on July 31 and the Chipotle national avocado day was celebrated with customers getting free guacamole with orders they placed online via the Chipotle app. Although 2018 Chipotle National Avocado Day has gone, you can get free guacamole during Chipotle National Avocado Day 2019. So wait for it.


If you want to qualify for Chipotle National Avocado Day 2019 deal, log in at chipotle.com or Chipotle app and place an order, adding guacamole as an add-on. It is that simple.


Avocado restaurant near me

It is simple! Almost all restaurants are selling avocados. You can also buy it online by searching on Google. Most online shops are even giving discounts but you can choose to go to one of the local avocado restaurants near you and buy as many as you need.

How to keep the avocado from browning

avocado browning Avocado Nutrition: everything about avocado health benefits

You’ve finally bought your avocado but looking for how to keep the avocado from browning, we’ve got the solution for you. Avocados are a great treat, but finding ways to preserve them from browning can be tricky.


Sometimes, you might not be able to use up the whole avocado at once. How do you keep the rest from browning? Well, you need to understand what causes browning to know how to prevent your avocado from browning.

how to prevent avocado from browning


The main cause of browning is the exposure to oxygen and we have several methods to protect avocado from browning. Here they are:

  • Use lime or lemon juice – just squeeze a small amount of fresh juice over your avocado to prevent it from browning for at least a day.
  • Use oil – adding a thin layer of vegetable or olive oil to your avocado from browning
  • Use red onion – cut it into large chunks and put it in the same container with your avocado.
  • Plastic wrap – wrap the avocado that has been cut open with plastic wrap to prevent oxygen exposure. Make sure you wrap it tightly without leaving any gaps for air.


Bottom line

Avocado nutrition is great and loaded with nutrients you will never find in the modern diet. It is weight loss friendly, tastes incredible, heart healthy and good for general body health.


  1. What about the pit? Are there any health benefits in that? I’ve heard that if it is cut up, allowed to dry and chopped and placed in a food processer it can be added to smoothies or sprinkled on salads. Is that true? thank you.

  2. While animal and test-tube studies have found some benefits of avocado seeds, evidence to suggest health benefits in people is lacking.

    Animal studies also show that high amounts may cause adverse side effects, though no human-based studies have examined their safety.

    It’s currently not recommended to eat avocado seeds.

    If you do decide to try avocado seed, keep your intake to a minimum to reduce the risk of potential adverse side effects.

  3. Thank you for the sensible critique. Me & my neighbor were just preparing to do some research on this. We got a grab a book from our area library but I think I learned more clear from this post. I am very glad to see such excellent information being shared freely out there.

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