8 fitness tips everyone should know – you will always stay fit

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Do you want to feel great and get in shape? These 8 fitness tips can help you stay fit always. Many people sit in front of their TV, eating junk food every day and believing they can actually stay fit that way.


The bad news is that it will never happen that way. Although getting in shape sounds like a time-wasting process, your effort will surely be rewarded. If you are ready to have a better body and always feel great, here are some fitness tips that will help you:


8 fitness tips you should know


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#1. Eat the right foods and the right portion of the meal

Junk foods are bad! If your stomach is telling you to go for junks over healthy foods, try to avoid sweets and other junk foods. If you love candy so much, sugar from it will not give you a chance to get in shape. In fact, a single bar of candy can prevent you from getting in shape.


Vegetables and fruits are the best foods if you really want to get in shape. For instance, Apple is good at making your stomach feel full for 3 – 4 hours. Green vegetables like broccoli and beans will keep your digestive system clean and running smoothly.


You may also need to stick to lean meats such as chicken and turkey. Seafood, like tilapia and shrimp, is also excellent alternatives. These foods packed healthy nutrients and protein, which keep your muscles fit and ready for a workout.


You also need to portion your food. This helps you have a good metabolism. Try to eat about six times a day, setting a smaller portion, instead of three big meals. This will also help you breathe smoothly when working out.


It means, when you have less food in your digestive system, you will use more energy toward your exercise.


#2. Exercise daily

Try to exercise daily for 1 hour. It doesn’t mean you should kill yourself with jogging, running, etc., but you need some moderate physical activity in your everyday life. If you want to lose weight, try a higher-level intensity workout. You can follow our Instagram page for motivation.


For instance, you can go on a walk at a brisk pace for one hour. Better still, jog and set certain intervals to sprint during that one hour. But be sure you are not in severe pain during the workout. Note: your muscle may ache after a high-intensity workout.


When it looks irritating, it shows your body is changing for the better. After each workout, be sure to stretch, eat foods (with a decent amount of protein) and stay hydrated. The protein will keep your muscles healthier and rebuild it.


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#3.  Get a good sleep

Most of us go to work by 8:00 am and return home at 5:00 pm. Yet, it is important to get  good sleep to recharge the battery. 6 – 8 hours of sleep is enough for your body to rest. But if you feel tired when you return home from work, take a small nap before you start the exercise.


A half hour nap is enough so that you don’t stay up late in the night.

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#4. Track your food intake and calories per day

It is important to track the number of calories you consume a day, to avoid gaining weight. This will also help you to plan your physical exercising. If you wonder why bodybuilders are so big, they plan out their meals and consume more healthy calories than anyone would do.


Also, eating right along more physical exercise will help you lose weight and gain a skinner physique.


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#5. Eat with purpose

Your meal should always have substantial nutrition value. Whatever you consume should serve a certain nutritional purpose in your body, fuel your workout and geared toward optimizing your body.


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#6. Heart rate monitor

If you already own a fitness tracker or heart rate monitor, then it is time to make use of it. If you don’t have one, you may need to get one. But don’t just exercise for a certain time and call it a quit. Try to bring intensity into it and use a fitness tracker to track how hard your heart is working.


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#7. Learn how to fight fatigue

When it comes to fitness, your biggest enemy is fatigue. But there are some ways to combat fatigue. Drink beet juice, which provides you with healthy nitrates that can improve your cardiovascular functioning.


Beets, will increase your stamina by 16 percent and make your exercise less exhausting. You can also boost your performance by selecting your favorite music. A study showed that when people listen to their favorite music, their blood vessels expand by 26 percent.


#8. Stay motivated

Setting your goals and keeping a positive mindset is vital to getting in shape. If you can stay positive, it will be easy to push yourself to get a fit body you always wanted.


The bottom line

If you really want to get in shape, the fitness tips above will surely help you gain the level of fitness you want.


One problem with most people is that they don’t take actions – they always procrastinate. You just have to start from somewhere. Start eating healthy, exercising and motivating yourself today.

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