17 Sex styles to satisfy your husband – Your husband will never love another woman

sex styles to satisfy your husband sex positions

Sex styles to satisfy your husband? Having an amazing sex life can’t be exchanged for anything. If you want to spice things up in the bedroom, there is no better way to do it than to learn sex styles to satisfy your husband or wife.


When it comes to satisfying your spouse in bed, you need to try positions that drive both of you wild. Men would rather enjoy sex than breathe oxygen and they have their preferred positions. Most of them even prefer quality.


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Ultimately, knowing how to have great sex is about creating love and intimacy. While learning and trying different ideas and new positions in bed is part of the fun, the real deal is the way different sex styles to satisfy your husband allows you to connect and explore each other in different ways.


And we all know that lack of quality sex is one of the reasons  why married women cheat (here is how to stop cheating). Why not make sex blissful for both of you? You can even boost your libido if you don’t enjoy sex.


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Sex styles to satisfy your husband

So if you are really looking for sex styles to satisfy your husband, here are the best:


1. Take it slow

One of the best sex styles to satisfy your husband is to take it slow, with a lot of oral from both of you – heavy petting, heavy kissing. You both should suck on random parts of the body, slowly moving the tongue across each part.


When you start with licking, it progresses into sucking. Of course, a few early sucks won’t hurt.


2. Change positions for different simulation

You will feel tighter in some positions, which is very nice for your man.  Some positions, your husband will be able to go deeper and be able to feel other parts of you easily. He may like such a position. In case you need to be in one position to climax, you can start from a different position and switch later.


sex styles to satisfy your husband cowgirl sex position

3. Climb on him to take the pressure off (cowgirl)

This is not about taking off the physical pressure but about taking off the psychological pressure. If you are on top, you will have more control. In other positions, he is the one in control and probably thinking of about how to make you feel good.


When you are on top of your husband, you can think about satisfying him and take off the worrying of satisfying you from him. He can literally lie back and enjoy the sex with you. In fact, that may give him a chance to use his hands in more interesting ways.


sex styles to satisfy your husband


4. Make use of your washing machine

You might be wondering what the function of the washing machine is here. Well, you need to take your sex out of the bedroom for a change. Sit on the washing machine while the sex is on and allow him to stand in front of you.


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Wrap your legs around his thighs and allow the vibration of your washing machine to ease penetration so that you can double the orgasm.


sex styles to satisfy your husband knee to chest

5. Your knee to your chest

If you are flexible and really want to try sex styles to satisfy your husband, you should try the knee-to-chest position. While you are lying down on the bed, bend your legs such that they reach your chest. Then allow your husband to penetrate and see the pleasure it brings to both of you.


sex styles to satisfy your husband spooning

6. Spooning

This position is also called a relaxing position. If both of you are tired from working all day but feeling frisky, you can still enjoy sex in a relaxing position which lets you be intimate with your man. This sex position helps men relax and have access to their woman at the same time.


Lay down side by side to each other and from behind your husband enters you. It’s that simple.


sex styles to satisfy your husband reverse cowgirl

7. Reverse cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl is the reverse variation of woman on top position, which is actually the best for your man. This position gives your husband the sexy view he gets when in doggie style position but puts you in control rather than your husband.


Although this sex style does not allow for a lot of eye contacts or touching, it is a nice contrast to some of the more romantic styles. If you want to really connect with him when trying this style, you can flash a look back at him while riding him – it will drive both of you over the edge.


sex styles to satisfy your husband


8. Wife’s ankles over husband’s shoulders

Even if your husband doesn’t have the biggest penis in the world, this sex style will make him feel on top of the world. When you are on your back, let him throw your ankle to his shoulder and penetrate you. This will make the penetration deeper for both of you. This is good if you are trying to get pregnant.


You can even make it more pleasurable by making your butt hang a little bit off the bed.


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sex styles to satisfy your husband sex in front of mirror

9. Have sex in front of a mirror

Anything done in front of a mirror is a million times better than in the absence of a mirror. While on your knee giving your man a blow job, you are giving him the kind of pleasure he’s never had in life. Mirror gives both of you a chance to see what you can’t normally see. It actually makes you watch both of you act a movie while watching at the same time.


10. Squeeze him

Have you done Kegel exercise before? Your husband will love this sex style. This style is where you squeeze your vaginal muscles to learn how to control them. If you don’t know what muscles are, they are what you use to cut off the flow of urine. For instance, you can try the exercise periodically by squeezing 5 times every time you are at a stop sign.


If you can learn how to squeeze the vaginal muscles, then when your man begins to get super excited and close to climax, start squeezing him inside you rhythmically. That will put him over the top.


sex styles to satisfy your husband missionary

11. Missionary

This might not actually be new, but the classic missionary sex style is not called a classic for no reason. This sex style connects you with your spouse. After all, there is nothing more intense, closer or more comforting than sexual intimacy.


The woman lies on her back with her legs laying flat on the bed and the man enters her. The woman can give this a twist by putting a small pillow under the buttocks for a little elevation that allows deeper penetration. This is especially good when you are trying to conceive.


sex styles to satisfy your husband

12. 69 sex style

69 can be exciting, especially if both of you are about the same height. It is one of the most intimate sex things you can do for your partner. Performing oral sex requires so much vulnerability. When you are vulnerable to your partner, it will not be hard for both of you to share and enjoy each other in this position.


sex styles to satisfy your husband ballet

13. The ballet position

The ballet position is a must try for every spouse. Stand in front of your husband, raise one of your legs up and wrap around your man for deeper penetration. If you feel pain in the wrapped leg, try to switch between the two legs.


sex styles to satisfy your husband

14. Keep both legs together

Lay on your stomach on the bed with your legs together and let your husband enters you from behind. He will be able to rich around and touch both your breasts and clit. You will also feel really tight and your husband will be able to hit the spot that will give you great pleasure.


15. Leave the light on while having sex with him

Let him see you so that he can enjoy watching you while you make love. You may also wear something revealing or lacy. Leaving a light on will also make him see you when you reach the climax. Just look in his eye when you reach climax – it is almost like imprinting with geese.


The thing we see when making love is what we are more drawn to. So let your man see your face.


sex styles to satisfy your husband

16. The koala

Let your husband carry you, as you wrap your arms over his shoulders and your legs over his hips. He should position his hand on your buttocks as if he is catching your buttocks to support you as he enters you.


If your husband likes to carry you always, why not try this sex style tonight?


sex styles to satisfy your husband sex on washing machine

17. Kitchen confidential

Sometimes, what you need to spice things up is a change of scenery. This supper sex position is known as the kitchen, but you can do it on any solid, hip-level surface too. Just sit on the counter and wrap your legs around your husband’s thighs or butt.


The bottom line

To be honest, you don’t need to focus too much on the name of the sex styles to satisfy your husband, but you need to let yourself explore your sexuality and do what you feel is natural.


The essence of making love or consummation is to bring married couples closer to each other. This will enable them to find comfort in each other’s bodies and share sex in a fun way.

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