10 plants that get rid of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are not a friend to human beings, as they can cause malaria, which has been reported to cause about 500,000 deaths around the world every year.


However, these malaria-transmitting mosquitoes are always attracted to sweet things and body odor. Thankfully, certain fragrances, especially from some plants repel them. When it comes to repelling mosquitoes, there are several plants that can help.


Just plant these plants in your garden or around your house and watch mosquitoes run away from your home.


10 plants that get rid of mosquitoes

What plants get rid of mosquitoes?

Not only is plantation important to keep the air around your home fresh, but planting certain plants also helps protect you from mosquitoes attack. But what plants get rid of mosquitoes? These little creatures are mainly around during summer and you need to prepare to repel them.


In this article, you will learn the best plants to get rid of mosquitoes. But aside from getting protection from plants, you can also enjoy natural home remedies for malaria to boost your immune system and get rid of malaria.


Top 10 plants that repel mosquitoes

Here are the top 10 plants that repel mosquitoes:


10 plants that get rid of mosquitoes

1. Basil

Basil is a plant that gives you not only pesto cuisines but also helps repel mosquitoes. You can grow basil in pots and place in the garden to prevent mosquitoes.


10 plants that get rid of mosquitoes

2. Lavender

Lavender offers excellent, romantic fragrances and most of us love its smell. Well, you’d be surprised to know it also helps repel mosquitoes. Mosquitoes hate the lovely smell of lavender and you will enjoy having it in your garden or in pots close to your windows and doors.

marigolds 10 plants that get rid of mosquitoes

3. Marigolds

If you are looking for a plant that mosquitoes hate, marigold is one of the best. But hold on, it can also make landscape attractive. Marigold contains Pyrethrum used in many insect repellents. You can plant it in a pot and place it near your windows, doors and common mosquito entry points.


10 plants that get rid of mosquitoes

4. Citronella

Known as Citrosum plant, citronella helps repel mosquitoes. Citronella grows in the form of grass and it is around 5 – 6 feet tall. You can plant it in large pots or in the ground. If you combine citronella with aloe vera, you will love it on your skin because it is skin friendly.


10 plants that get rid of mosquitoes

5. Peppermint

Compared to the smell of chemicals, peppermint smells nice. It is a natural insecticide you can use to repel mosquitoes. When you are stepping out to breathe some fresh air in the yard or mosquitoes are disturbing you, crush a few leaves of peppermint to release scents and oil.


10 plants that get rid of mosquitoes

6. Catnip

Catnip is one of the most efficient mosquito repellents. This plant has a natural chemical called Nepetalactone, which acts as an insect repellent and also as a feline attractant. If you love cat and have one, you may like to consider other plant options because most cats like the plant that they lie and roll on it.


In fact, some plants chew it to the point of destroying the plant. When this plant grows, it repels mosquitoes close to it.


lemon balm 10 plants that get rid of mosquitoes

7. Lemon balm

Popularly known as Horsemint, lemon balm aromatic scent repels mosquitoes. The plant grows rapidly so you may want to consider planting it in a pot rather than your yard. It may invade your yard if you plant it in the yard.


Place the pot close to your doors and windows to prevent mosquitoes from entering your house.


rosemary 10 plants that get rid of mosquitoes

8. Rosemary

Not only is this plant excellent in dishes, but it is also an excellent mosquito repellent. You can keep the plant outdoors or indoors, but be sure it gets full sun. Whether it is the cutting from it or the live plant, it can effectively get rid of the disease spreading mosquitoes.


eucalyptus 10 plants that get rid of mosquitoes

9. Eucalyptus

This plant is one of the best trees and shrubs. The oil released from eucalyptus can help you repel mosquitoes naturally when you plant it in the garden. Its oil is gentle on the skin and can repel mosquitoes.


10 plants that get rid of mosquitoes


10. Sage

Sage is mint and has greyish-green leaves along with wooden stems. The leaves of this plant are aromatic and produce oils that repel mosquitoes.


The bottom line

To avoid malaria, it makes sense to prevent mosquitoes from gaining entry into your house. You can use mosquito nets or repellent creams to keep insect away from you.


However, it pays to repel mosquitoes naturally by planting plants that repel mosquitoes in your house or your garden.


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