10 best sex toys that are safe to use

Looking for the best sex toys that are safe to use? You’d think all sex toys are safe, but sadly that is not the case.

Looking for the best sex toys that are safe to use? You’d think all sex toys are safe, but sadly that is not the case. Some cheaper jelly sex toys that are sold as ‘novelty’ items have potentially harmful effects.


When you are shopping for safe sex toys, it is wise to check its ingredients before buying. While we might all be curious about how to get pregnant naturally or healthy fats to eat or how to sweat out cold. It can be hard to discuss personal items.


That is why we are talking about sex toys today. Most of us are embarrassed to talk about sex toys. Today, we are talking about the best sex toys that are safe. But despite several many health benefits of sex toys, most people still find it hard to use sex toys.


In this article, I am going to reveal to you the best and safe sex toys based on review. Let’s get to the list right away!


10 best sex toys that are safe to use

The sex toys that made the cut each gulp at least 200 reviews on Amazon and were designed for couples and women.

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1.  Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation Air-Pulse Clitoris Stimulator

Satisfyer Pro 2 offers a tingling pressure vacuum along with arousing pulsations which provide touch-free stimulation of the clitoris in an amazing way you’ve never experienced before. It has two buttons (minus/plus) to increase or decrease the intensity according to your needs.


Most people who have tried it have given it the most intense orgasm they have ever had.


satisfyer review

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2. Womanizer Pro40 Sensual Pleasure Enhancer

When Womanizer Pro40 first came out, its unique suction power made it almost as infamous as the Sex And City rabbit.  Not only does it look strange, its name ‘womanizer’ also throws a lot of people off.


But most people who have tried it have given it the most intense orgasm they have ever had. Even if you are trying to get pregnant naturally, this sex toy can help you enjoy sex with your partner.


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3. 7-inch Purple Dildo

The toy boasts a realistic feel and sensation due to its G-spot stimulating curved design. 7-inch Purple Dildo is also made from extra soft FDA-approved body-safe silicone and also has an attached suction cup on the end.


People who have used it testify that it does the job accurately.


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4. Treediride Wearable Vibrator Clitoris And G-Spot Stimulator

If you want to try a butterfly vibrator, this one will provide you with both clitoris and G-spot action. The toy promises to give you the biggest O ever.


You can clean your house, walk around or go out for a date wearing it without anyone knowing. Every setting is unique and fun. But be sure to know the button to pull when you are in a quiet place because of its vibrating noise.


5. Pleasure Wand

If you fancy something less realistic, Pleasure Wand may be the right toy for you. Its three bubbles on the end can be used inside your vagina for extra stimulation and you can also use them as handles if you are inserting the curve end.


His toy is so good that many people are into it. So you can also make it your companion.


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6. Louviva Confetti Clear Dildo

This is one of the most adorable things you can ever put in your body. It is so cute, always stays slick and does not dry easily. It has a nice weight and can be your favourite nightstand occupant.


7. Remote Control Bullet

Remote Control Bullet promises better sex, increased intimacy and extra orgasm. Just insert the bullet and use its remote control to control the vibrations. You can also ask your partner to use its remote to control the vibration for you. It works just the way you think!


8. Magic Wand

If you remember that Sex and the City episode when Samantha exchanged neck massager at Sharper Image, this is the vibrator. The Magic Wand vibrator is the definition of a classic. This vibrator packs some serious power.


8. G-Spot Vibrator

Lelo’s MONA 2 Luxury G-spot Vibrator features six vibration patterns that one can easily control using four buttons on the handle. It is excellent for external stimulation and truly shines when you use it on your G-spot.


10. The Lyps Hummingbird Vibrating Clit Massager

This little pink wonder has a whooping 50 unique vibrating settings – you can never get bored. Most reviewers even say its hand-free capabilities and tiny size make it the real deal. Most reviewers even confessed that this little guy brought them their first true orgasm.


11. Beginners Butt Plug

This great Beginners Butt Plug comes in white, purple, pink and blue, so you have plenty of ways to match our aesthetic. Reviews showed that this vibrator is the Goldilocks of sex toys.


The bottom line

Sex toys use is no more embarrassing. If you want to enjoy health benefits of sex toys and have fun, it is important to choose the right vibrator. With this best sex toys that are safe to use, you are sure to get even more than what you paid for. Go check the above sex toys out and have fun!

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